St. Perpetua's Girl School

02/06/2011 Girls Game

Non-Stick Pan

Players: Allie, Bill, Richard, Jen, Jess, Taby, RedJen
Characters: Suzie, Seth, Bryce, Melody Rose Harris, Kaze, Zoe, Anika
We started a fight with the indians and lost boys. Zoe blinked over to Bryce and Melody who were tied together. Kaze blasted 9 indians with her fire bow. Melody summons some earth elemntals to clear a path through the indians. Suzie groans in agony and then takes off toward the beach. The rest of us follow by riding the elementals. Suzie was already in the water by the time we arrived. Wasting no time Melody teaches Kaze, Bryce and Seth a spell to let them breath under water. Bryce and Melody help the others cast the spells or cast it on them. Seth casts the spell on himself and dives in after Suzie. He catches up and casts the spell on Suzie. They get tangled by seaweed. The others arrive and get caught too. Once free Suzie and Seth head to the cave. Greated by mermaids Suzie talks her way through. Seth stays behind and gets paralyzed and maimed by one. The others show up and beat up the mermaids. Zoe blinks to Suzie Who has found the croc. Bryce & melody entangle its mouth. We surface to see pirate ships. The 2nd in command is the dead dean of students at St. P’s. Captain Hook is Mia, former mafia princess.


To those that were involved with this game: Please feel free to edit this entry to add additional info that the orginal author might have left out and correct any mistakes that are due to faulty memory.

02/06/2011 Girls Game

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