St. Perpetua's Girl School

02/26/2011 Boys Game

Demon is Going to Get You, Tonight

Players: Bill, Dara, Michael, RedJen, Steven
Characters: Aiden, Jeremy, Jessie, Milo, Nate, Abby (NPC)

Jocks, Hell Hounds and Scat! Oh My!

The cleansing ritual must be performed but our intrepid group needed the blood from the demon to do it. First things first, we needed to contact those that have been marked by the ritual. Aiden does that computer voodoo that he does so well. Finding out from security footage if anyone in the TV room and Lounge were there long enough to be marked. Aiden finds Jessie spent a lot of time in the room…enough to be marked by the demon mark. He also finds that the Jocks are the ones that performed the ritual.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Roommate Ronny is playing Wizards and Wands LARP. Much to Jeremy’s dismay. Nate thinks it is interesting and amusing. Not wanting to scare Ronny too much, he tells him to keep his magic communicator with him and to “call” him if anything weird happens.

Next we go to Jeremy and Jessie’s room where we find Abby the “Child of the Moon”. Abby needs a place to stay and Jeremy’s family (according to Jesse) could help with that.

Everyone decides to go to the Jock’s room based on Aiden’s information. So we off to Allen Coffee’s room to investigate since the Jocks are away celebrating a win. Aiden and Nate begin searching the room. Digging through his room they find a container filled with demon scat and a note that says “Put this anywhere Jessie Migt be” plus the full ritual with words spelled phonetically. The note itself was written on Dr Carl Davis prescription pad. Nate decides that this is important to finding out why Jessie was targeted and performs psychometry on the note.

<<vision>> Nate sees Dr Davis (played by John Stamos). He senses a great hatrid for Jessie and confusion/conflict when the doc thinks about the wedding with Ms Davis. Next he sees Dr. Davis paying the Allen and the rest of the Jocks to perform the ritual. Then Nate sees that Davis is trapped in a house surrounded by flames. There is great pain and Nate sees a Red moon above a beach with an ocean. Then everything turns blood Red. <<end>>

Nate’s scream brings everyone else back into Allen’s room. Nate cringes from the memory of the vision whenever Jessie speaks. Things are serious now and all that is left of the clues is the Demon Scat. Nate bravely decides to try psychometry …on the SCAT. Everyone shouts no but too late as Nate plunges his hand into the foul smelling scat. His sacrifice is rewarded as he sees the demon ….and it is dropping scat and eating brains. Milo says that he needs to perform the ritual on NATE to cleans him of the scat. Before anyone can do anything…the Jocks return! A scuffle insues and long story short (too late) the Jocks are subdued. They are tied up in a compromising position and a fake demon mark is placed under their beds. Nate is cleansed of the demon poo …careful to save his notes elsewhere during the ritual.

A normal school day passes. Aiden spends some time in the library with Nate investigating the demon. A mysterious benefactor helps Aiden with identifying the type of demon {called a Hell Hound} (described in perfect detail from Nate’s eidetic memory). He gives a mysterious warning about a master of the hounds that may be with the other demon. Milo investigates a ritual to summon the demon but we need something of the demon (back to the poo left in the Jock’s room). The group is able to get some scat left on the floor (thankfully the Jocks can’t clean like Milo can). The rest of the ingredients are found.

The group makes their way to the boiler Room and Milo/Jessie/(Jeremy) perform the DARK MAGIC ritual to summon the demon. The demon comes and Jessie becomes fond of the foul beast. They want to ride it but clearer heads prevail. The blood is extracted from the demon and combined with the holy water and other ingredients used to clean the mark. The mark is supposedly cleaned and the demon sent away when what should appear but another Demon crashes into the room. There is a big fight and the demon is eventually put down. It seems that the Scat was not pure but a mixture of multiple demons. The cleansing is performed AGAIN with the new demon’s blood. Everyone thinks that all is fine until the group hears the awful howl we now recognize as the demons…two of them. Apparently there were more …and cue the cliffhanger!


To those that were involved with this game: Please feel free to edit this entry to add information and details about the session.

02/26/2011 Boys Game

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