St. Perpetua's Girl School

03/05/2011 Boys Game

Demon is Going to Get You Tonight

Players: Bill, Dara, Lisa, RedJen, & Steven

Continuation of “The Demon Going to Get You, Tonight!” from 02/26/2011 Boys Game

Introduction of Josh & Yukari.

Aiden’s Notes:
1 hound summoned
2 more hounds appear with a female handler & followed by 2 demons
Hounds attack Jessie
Milo pulls the handler into the room
Nate & Aiden are attacked with magical bo-Los, 
Aiden is wrapped up & begins looking for something to use to remove it.
The handler fries Milo to crispy bits
Nate notices the handler is working against her will
Joshua Conner (JC) Grey shows up with baseball bat and helps take care of demons.

Hound scented:
◈ Zero Cool
◈ Ronny✓
◈ Jessie ✓
◈ Jake ✓



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