St. Perpetua's Girl School

03/19/2011 Bicford Prep Game

Coffee Break

Players: Bill, Dara, Lisa, Michael Redjen, Stephen
Characters: Aiden Allen Scott, Jeremy Nathan Taylor, Jessie Flynn, Conner Graysen, Nathaniel Dorsey, Yukari, Allen Coffee – Sophmore – Football – Bully (NPC)

The session started with the gang hanging out in a dorm room talking about a lot of the stuff they have been through lately while bring Yukari up to speed on life at Bicford.

The group spent time talking about themselves and why they are all drawn together. Certain members of the group discovered that they had a lot in common as they were basically orphans. Those that are not orphans like the idea of having a group of friends that act like a surrogate family while they are away from their own families. The sense of family and all of the wacky adventures are the glue that bind this group together.

Jeremy and Conner discovered that they have something in common. Conner is a little more proficient at it than Jeremy as he has been doing it longer. Jeremy just realized a few days before that he could do it himself.

After a while the group gets a little restless and decides to go pay Allen Coffee a visit. The group wants to learn about the person that paid Allen to curse Jessie. During the course of the interrogation the door of Allen‘s closet was ripped wide open. There was also a scuffle in which Allen and two of his football jock friends were beaten into submission. The gang left Allen and his two football buddies in Allen’s dorm room in compromising positions. Pictures of said positions were taken for future use.

Surprisingly there was no coffee consumed during this episode.


Does anyone have a better title for this game then “Coffee Break”???

03/19/2011 Bicford Prep Game

Coffee Break works as good as anything else.

03/19/2011 Bicford Prep Game

I have added some details about the game. If anyone has any additional information to add please do so.

03/19/2011 Bicford Prep Game

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