St. Perpetua's Girl School

03/20/2011 St. Perpetua Game

Taint Alive, Taint Dead

Players: Allie, Bill, Jess, RedJen, Richard, & Tabby

Characters: Suzie, Seth, Milo, Kaze, Anika, Bryce, & Zoe McAllister

Wrap up Neverland / Mythos Adventure, The Big Pirate Fight!

On March 20th, we had the Girls’ wrap-up of the underwater chase & recsue of Pan from the Mermaids & Pirates.

So that was an order of Greens, Fish & Planks!


Does anyone have a better title for this game then “Taint Alive, Taint Dead”???

03/20/2011 St. Perpetua Game

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