St. Perpetua's Girl School

03/26/2011 Bicford Prep Game

Doctor Appointment

Players: Bill, Dara, RedJen, Steven
Characters: Aiden, Conner, Jessie, Nate
NPCs: Dr. Davis, Zombie boys- Jack O’Toole, Big Bad Bob, Dickie, Peter

Dr davis2
Pictured in Simbury’s Newspaper

Dr. Carl Davis was found near WaWa’s payphone after calling in a house fire. Carl, the “deceased” husband of Ms Emma Davis, Bicford’s newest guidance counselor, is once again invloved in a possible arson case. Reports had him dying in a fire in their shared Santa Carla, CA home. Dr. Davis went missing to avoid the backlash of the rumors that he was seeing Larissa Flynn, a past student of Ms Davis & the older sister of Bicford student, Jessie Flynn.



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