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05/07/2011 Bicford Boys

Buzzing Around

Players: Bill, Dara, Redjen, Steven
Characters: Aiden Scott, Conner Graysen, Jessie Flynn, Nathaniel Dorsey

We decided to run some errands. First up: research the gold coins from the fish people. What did we find out? The coins are non-magical. The coins are used by “Deep Ones”. Wait-a-minute…Lovecraft stuff is real?!?!

After that we stopped by the cleaners and picked up Jessie’s jacket that he claimed from one of the zombies we destroyed. The cleaners got most of the nastiness out…but the smell still lingers. That’s okay ’cuz Jessie likes it that way?!

After that we headed over to Nate’s uncle’s shop, “The Third Eye”. Nate was positive that his uncle would help us fence the coins. We waited outside, per Nate’s insistence, as he took the coins in to talk to his uncle. We didn’t wait long because Nate came right back out. All he said was that there was some person with his uncle and that person could cause Nate a world of trouble. That made us more determined to go in the shop ourselves.

That’s when the fun started. I could feel a wave of fear and panic wash over me. I’m sure it affects the others since Jesse started screaming about a giant clown on the sign. Aiden dragged Nate away while pulled Jesse around the side of the building. We tried asking Nate what was going on. Apparently Nate lost control of his power for a few seconds trying to convince not to go into the store.

Since he wasn’t ‘fessing up…I probed his mind. Apparently his parents and he conned some old lady named Elizabeth. They had her believing that Nate was sick and dying. I told the others. That’s when Nate and Aiden went to “Java the Hut” while Jesse and I went into “The Third Eye”.
When we entered the alleged business we saw a man [Nate’s uncle] talking to a woman [Elizabeth]. Jesse and I formulated a plan telepathically and agreed that scanning Nate’s uncle was a bad idea. I wandered to the other side of the room so I could make eye contact with Elizabeth. The uncle noticed me but said nothing.

I looked into her eyes [contact] and rifled through her mind. She was buying into everything Nate’s uncle was laying out for her. She’s loaded. She likes to collect nice rare, shiny things like our coins. She has some good looking relatives about our age [Jesse’s request]. And last but not least … no she’s not into under age surfer dudes [no pimping out Jesse to rich old ladies].

Jesse was texting with Nate and Aiden … busted by Nate’s uncle. Hope Jesse didn’t notice my reflexive smirk at his demise.…

After Elizabeth left, Jesse told the Nate’s uncle I was here for a reading. It turned out to be “influenced” by Jesse’s presence. Female betrayal in the past [Jesse]. Present and future went hand in hand with investigator, plotting, scheming, and spying secretly [definitely me]. Interesting. Does this guy actually have some real precognitive powers?

Jesse called Aiden and Nate over from “Java the Hut”. A little family reunion and conversation netted us $200 for the coins. – Hey Aiden, Jesse, or Nate if you want fill in this part … go for it. -

Time for drinks and snacks from “Wawa” … we get there and shop guy is going crazy about some giant bees. We tell him we’ll handle it. Giant bees … sure thing. Huh. What do know? There really were foot long giant bees in the candy aisle.

We all decide to go in. I grabbed a 2×4 [make shift baseball bat]. Jesse heads for the thermostat. Aiden and Nate head for the cooler. I run interference for the three of them until Jesse finds 3 bees of his own. I leave Nate & Aiden to fend for them selves while I kill the bees on Jesse. Aiden and Nate get into the cooler. I kill three more bees. I did get stung five times [ouch]. Jesse flips the thermostat down. I kill three more bees and follow Nate & Aiden into the cooler. Jesse is right behind me.

We watch as the bees start to slow down. Jesse places his hands on the cooler door [frosts up and ices over] … shards of ice shoot from the door killing some more bees. The spell flash froze the shop and dropped the rest of the bees to floor.

The shop keeper comes back in. He is so happy he lets us take whatever we want. Aiden asks to look at the security camera footage [which I think Aiden took with him when we left]. It was just as the guy told us … the bees popped into existence out of nowhere and came through the front door.

Who has a grudge against the shop guy or the “Wawa”?


Thank you, Bill for this write up. You will be reward at the next boys game. Remind me. ~rob h.

05/07/2011 Bicford Boys

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