St. Perpetua's Girl School

05/15/2011 Saint P Girls Game

Witch Hunt

Players: Allie, Bill, Jenny, Jess, Richard, Tabby
Characters: Bryce, Kaze, Melody, Seth, Suzie, Zoe

“Witch Hunt”

Back in the year of 1676 all it took for you to be a suspected witch was apparently owning a goose and shooting a gun.

Enter into the scene, Debby Griffen of Simsbury Connecticut, a woman believed to have been a witch.

Was the story about her squeezing through keyholes, being shot at with no effect, and disappearing into a local lake just an elaborate ruse to cover up her murder or something else?

Abby Williams, the Real Witch of Simsbury, framed Debby Griffen and forced Debby into the lake to Mythos.

Abby reappeared a decade later in the Salem Witch Trials as an accuser of “Witches” as the famous Abigail Williams.



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