St. Perpetua's Girl School

05/21/2011 Bicford Boys Game

Blood Brothers, Part I: Lyrock'n and Roman

Players: Bill, Dara, RedJen, Steven
Special Guest Star: Jeff
Boys: Aiden, Conner, Jessie, Nate, Rory
NPCs: Kiki, Shop Guy, Eccentric Guy – Anton Phibbs, Eccentric Guy’s Body Guards – Burt & Kurt, Lyrock Demon Cultists

Went to Wawa. Jesse talked to Kiki [while Conner eavesdropped] and Aiden and Nate created new slushies. Kiki said high school kids were copying the college students and going to the old meat packing plant. They were disappearing just like the college students did when the raves were going on. Aiden makes some small stakes for him and Nate. Conner gets 3 stakes from local hardware store.

We went to investigate. Nate picked the lock and everyone heard Cicadas inside. Yellow scaley demons were trying to summon something. Conner went all bad ass on them and took half the demons in a few rounds. Nate realized it might be bad that we were interrupting a summoning spell.

Conner psi blasted the 3 chanting demons in the center of the summoning circle. One dropped unconscious. Magic symbols rose from the floor … magic explosion … Aiden pulled closer while everyone else pushed away. Demons are dead … Aiden floats … energy visibly pulled from Aiden … incorporeal Aiden appears & says “Brother” in a creepy voice and then vanishes. Conner & Jesse loot the place before setting the meat packing plant on fire.

Research gets done. Find out demons are Lyrock demons. Not good. Taunting spirit copied Aiden. Spirit seek to replace original & kill all that original cared about. Jesse & Conner figure they are safe and can make nice with the spirit. Nate gets upset and sends fear at Conner & Jesse. Jesse leaves to go watch cartoons … Conner is annoyed. At least it’s not the Hunter spirit to destroy the world. Learn about Lyrock Prophecy of end of the world. Find out 3 copies exist. (1) Eccentric guy in town, (2) some library, (3) and a university somewhere.

We go to the local guy who turns out to have demonic body guards … Conner is impressed. Aiden likes the fact the mansion is magically warded.

We make a deal with eccentric guy to get book from Bicford Library special collection to look at while we look at his copy of Lyrock Prophecy. Stop by Walter’s [Conner’s step dad] to get keys from Walter. Walter not there. Garth [Fishsticks] is. He’s eating frozen fishsticks and watching ocean screen saver … again. Conner heats up fishsticks and gets bottle of water for Garth. After reading Walter’s note about working late … Conner heads back to car.

Library is still open. Conner goes looking for Walter … gets redirected by Aiden to where Walter usually is. Conner finds himself in old Roman library. Others hear Walter screaming and come to check it out. Much to Aiden’s joy we’re in the Library of Alexandria.

3 Roman soldiers pointing spears at Conner. Conner psi-fires them and knocks 1 out. Conner gets stuck with spears and drops. Conner gets better … Jesse drops the soldiers. Jesse & Conner swap clothes with soldiers. Conner hears Walter and wanders off. Nate is the human scanner. Aiden & Jesse have conversation with Ana [Jesse’s Brain].

Stuff fades. We’re back in Bicford Library. Walter is raving lunatic. Jesse eggs on Walter. Aiden distracts Walter and Walter demands Conner get the other students out of the library.

Conner finds Bryce making out with a Japanese girl. Jesse finds John Smith playing ancient civ deck in Magic: the Addiction collectable card game by Sorcerors on the Beach. Jesse tries to get John to part with the deck. Aiden gets John’s name. Nate already left library. When we catch up he has the book and is leaning on car talking to somebody … [cliff hanger]



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