St. Perpetua's Girl School

Seth's Death & Rebirth

To Bast in the Glory of His Goddess

Player: Bill
Characters: Seth Archer, Seth Jones, Bast (NPC), Tommy Archer (NPC), Ethan(NPC)

The last thing the young High Bast feline shifter remembered was pain. The pain was from the fangs of the vile creature of night draining the life blood from him. Try as he might, Seth lost the fight for life. He would have been proud of the way his friends avenged his death.

Now however, Seth was somewhere new, yet some how familiar. Eyes closed, Seth could feel the warmth, love and light surrounding him. Seth’s mind reeled as it tried to reconcile the feelings with the fact that he seemed to be floating weightlessly in the air.

“Open your eyes, my kitten,” the comforting, motherly voice was inside his mind.

Doing as instructed, Seth found himself in an ethereal realm of colorful nothingness. Before him was Bast, the Egyptian goddess. She was the source of the warmth, love, and the inexplicable light that just was.

“You should not be here so soon,” continued the goddess, a look of concern danced across her face. “But I see you are not whole.” Seth could feel her sadness as she spoke, “Your mind and soul have been ripped asunder."

The goddess, Bast, reached out with her hand and lovingly placed it upon Seth’s head. A wave of relaxation emanating from her hand washed over his body. Seth could feel himself…healing…if that were even the right term. It wasn’t a physical healing, but one that mended his psyche. Seth felt less fractured even though he had never felt that way before.

“Seth, you are one my chosen. You were on course to meet your destiny when you died. You must help your friends as this will help lead you to find a way to be whole again.” Seth could sense that the goddess felt his return to life was of the utmost importance.

“You will do as no other High Bast shifter ever has, my young high priest kitten, you shall rise from the ashes like the great Phoenix.” Seth’s eyes closed as he felt himself float away from his goddess. He could feel warmth of fire and light of life calling him forth.

Slowly he rose shaking what felt like warm snow from his fur. Opening his eyes, feeling dirty, Seth began cleaning himself before being hefted by the strong Melody’s comforting arms- of his twin brother. Seth began to purr happily as he felt his brother’s relief. Content being carried and feeling his brother’s love him,- Seth remained silent as they ran down the hall.

Even looking upon the demonic form Ethan had taken, Seth felt safe as the remnants of Bast’s protection waned. Through their empathic bond, this steeled Tommy against the horrific sight. Seth watched as his friends tried to stop Ethan from entering the mirror. It was a curious thing, the ripple in the mirror as Ethan passed from one world to another. Unable to stop himself, Seth leapt from Tommy’s arms and in a single bound leapt through the mirror into another world. Sensing danger, Seth leapt from Melody’s arms to hide as he watched the mirror’s surface become solid once again.


I do so love a good pun!

Seth's Death & Rebirth

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