St. Perpetua's Girl School

Suzie's Webcast #1

You see a hand covering the lens of the camera, then a person walking backward to the chair. The camera focuses upon the pretty young girl sitting there. She’s going to be gorgeous someday, with looks reminiscent of the pin up girls of the 50’s. She looks into the camera with a triumphant grin.

“Welcome to the first installment of the I heart Suzie’ webcast. My Mom would completely murder me if she ever knew I was doing this. She’s the blah, blah, secret society, can’t let anyone know, type. But me, I think that most people will just think I’m just some whack-job kid. This is what I feel like sometimes anyways.

“A little about me, I’m 14, and I live in Salem Massachusetts. Which is home to the infamous witch trials. It’s also home to a long line of American Watchers, and I am lucky enough to be part of the line. They are a group of people who study a lot, talk in hushed whispers, act like they know everything, and swear that someday if you are a good little boy or girl you will get a Slayer of your very own, like I care. All I know is that I am so sick of being home schooled. It puts a crimp on my social life, not to mention that there are, of course, zero ways of attracting the attention of any cute boys that way. My family always gets these weird stares every time we go into the grocery store or pretty much anywhere here in Salem. It doesn’t faze my mom or dad for that matter but I feel like I am expected to grow horns or something.

‘So, I’ve ‘borrowed’ my Mom’s vid cam and am recording this for all of you out there that feel like misfits, strangers, and the misunderstood. This is Suzie Valentine, signing off.’

Same girl, different outfit, although she is wearing the same heart shaped chocker. I have a giant update to the ‘I heart Suzie’ webcast! Apparently my constant begging and pleading got through to my parents; they finally agreed to let me go to a REAL school. Not only a real school but one where I will actually know someone! My cousin Clarissa goes to this school in Connecticut called St. Perpetua’s. She’s a junior there and they must keep her completely busy cause she hasn’t responded to my emails in awhile. So, I will at long last have a chance to socialize with girls my own age, who don’t live in my home town. Although there are no boys at the school, there is boys’ school across the lake from us.’

Suzie sighs with a wistful smile and then refocuses on the camera.

‘Anyways, I gotta scoot cause I need to get packing. I wonder if Mom would even notice if her cam went missing if I took it with. She doesn’t even know how to use the DVR without my help. I will try to send updates of my webcast as often as I can of my adventure in the big scary world out there. This is Suzie Valentine, signing off for the last time from Salem Massachusetts.’



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