St. Perpetua's Girl School

Suzie's Webcast #2

[The cam turns on and you see Suzie sitting there. She looks a little pale and upset. She gulps and starts to speak]

So this is another post to the ‘I Heart Suzie’ web-cast. Tonight I am feeling so weird. I know that I wanted to make an impression here at my new school. A good one. Now I am scared that everyone is going to think that I am some sort of gangster or something. I really didn’t think that I was I was going to pull a switch blade on that Senior girl. Oh well, maybe it would be better if I started from the beginning to explain.

There were me and six other girls on the bus going to St. P’s. Anyways, we get there and we are shown what I guess was supposed to be our room by a Senior girl, Miranda. That’s when the pranks started. Goo, feathers, pies in the face, spiders in the sheets. All mostly harmless if not embarrassing. Out of nowhere the girl with the weird eyes flips out and attacks Miranda. Everything after that was kinda a blur, fists flying, strange lights, book bags to the head. In the middle of all that chaos I just knew that I had stop things or it would get real ugly. I don’t even remember putting my knife in my pocket, suddenly I am kneeling next to the ringleader with the blade pressed against her throat. ‘Call your friends off’, I said real quietly. That got her attention and things settled down quickly after that. We were shown to our real rooms and now I am sure we will have to figure how to deal with the wrath of the Headmistress.

[Suzie shakes her head with a little laugh]

Mom, ironically, would be proud of me. All that ‘Watcher’ training really kicked in during a bad situation. But do you think I am going to tell her about this??

No freaking way!!

As it is I am going to have to spend the next four years trying to remake my reputation into something other than a juvenile delinquent. I gotta go unpack now. Till laters! For all you misunderstood our there, this is Suzie Valentine saying: Have a Heart!



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