St. Perpetua's Girl School

Suzie's Webcast #3

[Camera turns on, Suzie’s sitting at her desk, wearing a school uniform]

Hello Fellow Travelers of the Strange and Unusual! Welcome back to another episode of the ‘I heart Suzie’ webcast. I know that it’s been a couple of days since my last update.

Our first night here in my new school was an adventure I would not ever want to repeat. I am still bruised from tripping up the stairs and that was the least of it. Let me just say that what we did that night means that we here at St P’s are a little safer from someone almost worst than the Boogie Monster. And some of my fellow class mates are no longer afraid of their bathrooms either.

I’d been looking for my cousin Clarissa ever since I got here and you would think it wouldn’t be so hard to find one girl in a school this size. I finally managed to find the girl who roomed with her. When I asked about my cousin, the girl just looked at me like I was crazy and told me in a dreamy voice that Clarissa had run away with a boy from Bickford Prep. WTH? I know were weren’t super close or anything but I would like to think that she would have mentioned if she was so super in love with a boy. I mean, really! How Romeo and Juliet can you get! Then again that play didn’t exactly end well did it? I don’t trust it for a hot second. I think I may just have to go across the lake to Bic to see for myself what is really going on. My instincts are telling me this is not right.

Things here at St P’s since has been a riot of social events and ‘team building’ exercises. I won’t even get into the disaster that was the three-legged race. It did not end well. (Suzie shudders)

I gotta get going, they are playing some RomCom in the auditorium and we have to be there and pretend we enjoy it. Face it kids, they just don’t make movies like they used to. Give me Carey Grant any day!

For all you misunderstood out there, this is Suzie Valentine saying: Have a Heart!



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