St. Perpetua's Girl School

Suzie's Webcast #4

[The camera comes to life, showing a dorm room in the background, there’s a hockey stick leaning across a desk on the other side of the room. You see Suzie pacing back and forth, her face flushed with anger]

Ok, so this is Suzie and if you’ve been tuning in you know what this is and who I am. If you have found this for the first time I’m sorry, but I am so Pissed right now, I mean “scream at the top of my lungs’ angry. The worst part about it is that I can’t even really talk about half of it….

Let me just start off saying that I called the Health Department anonymously about that Retirement home. What that administration did to those residents was completely disgusting. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke. Never again will I ever be able to eat Beef Stroganoff.

Suzie makes a face then shakes her head

No, can’t tell you about that….or that…well, we DID save a bunch of people including some of my fellow students’ grandparents from certain death. The how’s and why’s I can’t tell you about, I’d get locked up or put in a loony bin.

God, this is so frustrating to do what you feel is right and knowing that there is no way for other people to understand why you do it anyway.

The start of campaigning for Freshman class president starts this week. I’ve thrown my hat in the ring. My parents would probably flip if they knew but I just think that if I ran, let alone won it might help me feel more normal…ya know, like a real teenager in the real world. Not some spooky girl creeping about on the edges of society.

Maybe you might think of this as a way of trying to pull away from being a fellow misfit. Honestly when you’ve been around weird stuff for most of your life don’t you kinda owe it to yourself to figure out who you might actually be on the inside? Maybe I am Class President material, never know until I try.

So with that I say to you, my fellow misfits, travelers on the road unknown…How do you know who you really are unless you think outside the box. Who knows what you might actually find if you give yourself a chance.

Time for me to make some campaign posters, so I will leave you to contemplate my point. So this is Suzie Valentine, telling you: Have a Heart. Till next time!



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