St. Perpetua's Girl School

The Never Ending Day

where Anika gets bludgeoned with a clue stick

It turns out that the powers that be have decided that no one at St. P’s was ever going to try and sit down to have a logical conversation with Anika about magic, the One, Watchers, Slayers or anything else out of the ordinary. 

Having no background to assume that the insanity was real, there were perfectly logical reasons for the things going on around her and no one took the time to SHOW or EXPLAIN what was going on. Instead it would appear that someone “wished” for Anika to get clued in on the world of magic, vampires, potions and slimy green things in the park’s lake.

A Simple Picnic

It was a fateful day that started out as a pleasant sunny Saturday, but it quickly went sideways. Suzie expressed that she was concerned that she had gotten a reputation among students of Bicford of being the head of a gang at St. P’s. Trying to help Suzie get a more positive foothold with the students of Bicford, Anika offered to invite here brother and a few (4-5) of his friends to a picnic away from both schools. What was supposed to be a simple get together turned into a huge event, somehow 4 or 5 friends morphed into the entire AV Club, over 20 students, arrived from Bicford. 

At first the things seemed to be going okay, but as people started settling down to eat lunch, things started to get out of hand and people started acting like fools in a nut house rather than presentable young people on a picnic. Conversations became rowdy around the tables as lunch continued. Melody happily chatted with Tony about the adventures of Batman & Robin among the AV Club at Bicford, going on in detail about how others had decided to take on the identities of the Green Lantern and other DC heros. This bizarre conversation led to a game of frisbee. Games of frisbee and spin the bottle quickly turned into strip frisbee and boy-on-boy & girl-on-girl spin the bottle.  

Being nervous that the punch supplied by the Bicford students was the source of the unusual behavior, Anika tried to determine if someone had “spiked” the punch, but she couldn’t detect any smell of alcohol in the mix. Hoping to head off some of the damage, she sent for bottle water to be delivered to the pavilion.  

It wasn’t alcohol, but it came out later that Bryce decided to “Spike” the punch with some chemical that severely intoxicated anyone who drank the punch. As chaos started to erupt around her, Anika quickly lost all hope of Suzie being able to mend her reputation among the Bicford students. The only thing left to cap off the event was a conversation between Kaze & Kaya being interrupted by a confrontation between Kaze and Kaya’s fellow exchange students to Bicford (Saki, Mai, Chaki & Yui).

As it became clear to the other girls from St. P’s that Kaze was being harassed, the other girls went to help, but the argument was quickly turning into a brawl. Hoping to shock the fighting girls into a moment of sanity, Anika found the coolers, filled them with ice water and doused the entire lot of brawling teens (to no avail). Melody was found later entangled in vines and Tony as he apparently tried to act as a brassiere or rather a mansiere in place of Melody’s missing top.

Eventually the brawl died down and with the exception of being wet from ice water and some minor scrapes and bruises, no one was much worse for wear. It was after things settled down that Bryce admitted to doctoring the punch and that he had an antidote for the effects. There was some other talk of Melody using magic, but I fail to see what is so magical about two teenagers being caught wrapped up in a vine filled bush in a park. Lack of judgement, yes, but what’s magical about hormones gone out of control?

By the time the Bicford students were sent back to school with the antidote in Alexei’s care, it was barely mid-afternoon, so Melody, Bryce, Kaze, Anika, Suzie, Zoe and Seth headed done to the lake some to swim, others for their own reasons. As Melody, Kaze, Bryce and Anika head into the lake for a swim, over the splashing water comes Zoe’s voice saying, “I’m not going in there, it’s probably filled with monsters.”

Normally Anika would chalk such a comment up to sour grapes from someone who just didn’t want anyone to have fun, but damn if Zoe wasn’t quickly proven prophetic. Turning around to swim further toward Melody and Kaze, Anika caught sight of 3 dark figures swimming up from below. Even as she yelled a warning, the each figure attacked Melody, Kaze or Bryce. As Bryce swam an injured Kaze toward shore, Anika swam in to try and help by distracting the creatures from Melody. Hearing the commotion, Suzie rushed back, jumping in to help from the water. Seth and Zoe stopped at the shore and looked around for anything that they could use from the shore. Stones were thrown, weeds grew quickly, punches were thrown and the creatures eventually sank unmoving to the bottom of the lake. Having no wish to continue swimming, the group dropped the two boys at Bicford and went back to St. P’s to clean up and recover before settling in for a quiet night of dinner and sleep.

So Much For A Quiet Night

After all the girls got back to their rooms to clean up, Zoe found a summons from her mother and Suzie went off to deal with some election business. The rest of the girls found that Tracy had returned from her match, frustrated by the lack of defense on the part of her teammates, which tainted the satisfaction of having scored 4 goals.

It seemed that nothing was destined to go in favor of the girls this day. When Tracy, Kaze, Melody and Anika arrived at the cafeteria, dinner was being served. By the reactions of her new friends, Anika had little hope that what was claimed to be Beef Stroganoff would in any way resemble the dish she’d eaten many times with her family. To different levels of success, all three of her friends tried to avoid the mystery food. Melody went so far as to tell the ladies that she was now a vegetarian, but rather than allow her to return the mystery food, she was given extra side items. Grasping for the first thing she could think of, Anika told the server that she was allergic to dairy products before she was handed a plate. Luckily she wasn’t questioned, but rather served what looked to be some of the last vegetables from dinner. As she went to join Tracy who was already seated, Kaze and Melody took great care in stopping by the trash bins and carefully removing all trace of the white mixture from their plates before joining the others at their reserved table.

As the girls started eating, Anika’s face took on a bewildered expression. The other girls tried to glance around to discover the source, but nothing appeared to be any more out of the ordinary than usual. When Anika asked if any of the lights had flickered or if someone had put something in her food, the other girls knew began to worry about just what it was that Anika saw. After watching Anika act as if something had landed in the palm of her outstretched hand, Kaze and Melody managed to make out a green glow and what seemed to be just light or perhaps a glowing bug?

Watching Anika talk to whatever was in her hand, it became apparent that whatever it was, the creature (later revealed to be a fairy named Belle) was agitated and looking for someone she called the One. Hearing yet another “person” ask if she was the One, Anika seemed to grow quite frustrated. “Seven dwarfs, an evil Mistress and now a fairy all looking for the One and not a bit of explanation that makes any sense in sight,” Anika mumbled. This only seemed to further agitate the fairy who focused in on the mention of an evil Mistress and began to talk franticly. After Anika asked Belle to try to explain what had happened to Melody, Belle bemoaned that of everyone at the table, only Anika could hear her. Melody and Belle tried to communicate, but without success. Melody could tell the Belle was agitated and scared, but no matter how load she yelled, Belle could not be heard. After a few more attempts to soothe the fairy, Belle flew away in a streak of green light eager to be as far from anyone who had heard of the Mistress as possible.

No longer being very hungry, the girls decided to look in the general section of the library for any books of Fairy Tales that fit the theme of the creatures they had so recently been seeing. Hearing a soft shuffle coming from behind one of the books, Anika carefully pulled out a tome and quickly found herself conversing with a rather large cricket. After warning her that evil monsters lurk in the darkness and that the answers she was seeking would find her whether she was ready or not, the cricket jumped from Anika to Tracy to Kaze to Melody, then disappeared up the spiral staircase into the stacks above. 

Shaken, Anika turned to ask if anyone had found anything about the One, only to see a mouth set with a full smile of teeth floating in front of her. As the mouth opened and began to speak, Anika turned and ran from the library all the way to her room. Letting the door fall shut, she found the soft blanket that always reminded her of her mother, then tried to sit quietly and think calm thoughts. Just as her heart began to stop racing, the smiling mouth without a face appeared in front of her. Talking in riddles of the first step of a journey and other trite phrases, the mouth rattled on making no more sense than the cricket or Belle. Anika finally managed to get a word in to the creature when he suddenly asked if she were the One. A frustrated Anika asked, “Who is this One that I keep hearing about?” 

The mouth paused then asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Anika,” she replied.

“The Anika,” he asked.

“An Anika,” she insisted.

A soft knock sounded at her door, the smile seemed to sit in a rather snug face before disappearing from the room.

Was this day never going to end? Melody, Kaze and Tracy had followed Anika back to her room, helping to right the people Anika had toppled in her rush to get away from the library. The friends spent a while trying to find information on the internet and waiting for the library to close so that they could sneak back down and Melody could use her key to gain access to the restricted collection kept in the office.

Soon enough it was time to dress for the clandestine trip to the library. Getting into the library and locking the door behind them was not a problem, but once inside the darkened room, the girls had some trouble navigating to the office door. Moving quickly, the girls moved into the library office and set about looking for information on Fairy Tales, the One and the evil Mistress. An hour later and after not finding much, Tracy began flipping through a book only to toss it across the room and announce she was going to check her email as she settled against the wall. Not finding anything new, the girls decided to clean up the books they’d been looking at and head back to their rooms. 

Ready to get out of the library, Tracy volunteered to turn on the low level lights so that they’d be able easily leave without the risk of tripping over anything on the way out. Turning off all the office lights, the girls waited for Tracy to return. It seemed like an awful long time had passed and Tracy still hadn’t come back. Hearing what sounded like breaking furniture, the girls cracked open the door and peered out into the library. What they saw was Tracy welding a splintered chair leg and squared off with at what appeared to be one of the St. P’s Sophomores in need of a new plastic surgeon.

The Sophomore lunged for Tracy, who nimbly got out of the way, then embedded the make-shift stake into her chest. The older girl looked surprised, then disappeared in a puff of dust. As Tracy turned to the girls coming in from the office, two more facially challenged Sophomores came from the darkened shelves.

It seemed like Melody said something and suddenly one of them was wrapped in vines that weren’t there seconds before. Someone threw a chair leg at the other one then Anika tried to hit the same place Tracy had on the first and another fell into dust. With a captive audience, a few questions needed to be answered. 

The girls had been sent by their Master to find and bring Zoe to him. While they were at St. P’s they had plans to avenge themselves against Mia for her part in turning them into prostitutes working for a Bicford student named Ethan who she claimed turned them into vampires. The conversation ended when two more former St. P’s students showed up and announced they were going to use the girls for a late snack before returning to Bicford. Fire flashed from Kaze’s hands impacting all three of the vampires. As the girls insisted they were no one’s snack, one of the vampires fell in a cloud of dust and Tracy was suddenly frozen in place. Anika was grabbed by the other vampire and Melody burst into flames. As Anika and the vampire grappled for the dominate position, Melody came close and used her Phoenix like visage to torch the leech who was trying to bite Anika’s neck. As Anika kept the vampire busy, Melody  continued to harass the vampire with flames and Kaze shot flaming arrows from where she guarded the still unmoving Tracy. When all that was left was the vampire wrapped in vines, then fire alarm in the library started going off in response to Melody’s flaming attacks. 

Anika quickly shoved her stake into the last vampire, turning her to dust as the other girls made sure there were no fires or other damage to put out before they made their escape outside among the confusion of the fire alarm. When Anika went to help the still frozen Tracy, another girl appeared and moved to help carry Tracy out of the room. Unsure whether to trust the latest arrival, but knowing they didn’t have time to argue when she seemed to be going the same direction as the girls, they quickly exited the library (locking the door behind them) and joined the rest of the students outside. 

*Rachel’s name has been corrected. (I knew it was that or Karen and lost my even/odd call.)

The new girl introduced herself as Rachel and when questioned as attendance was taken outside, she claimed to be Anika’s cousin visiting St. P’s. When the school was cleared for the girls to return to their rooms Rachel suggested that the girls gather in Anika’s room before midnight, because Rachel was certain something bad was going to happen then. 

As the other girls went to gather whatever they felt they might need. Rachel started talking to Anika. Not everything made sense at first, but once Rachel realized that while Anika was unaware, the Watchers had not neglected her training and Anika was not as unprepared as Rachel may have feared. 

With midnight quickly approaching, Rachel started telling Anika about what a Slayer is and what it meant to be a Slayer in Training, especially when the Slayer was unavailable. It turned out that when the Slayer and her Scooby Gang broke up a ritual in Raleigh, NC, reality was splintered between the Real world and the world of Fairy Tales. The Slayer and her friends had been pulled through different tales and roles until recently the Slayer fell asleep and so far would not wake. Rachel started telling Anika about a being called the Wishmaker, but other than warning against wishing for anything out load, Rachel didn’t go into much detail.

As Rachel’s tale was wrapping up, she kept looking at Anika’s hands. Unable to take it any longer, Anika looked down and instead of her naturally pale hands she saw a pair of green hands connected to green arms that continued up until they ran under the sleeve of her t-shirt. She sat there for a second stunned as the door to her room opened to admit Melody, Kaze and Tracy. 

As the girls stared, Anika’s voice came out of a green face saying, “There’s no way that I’m going to be the She-Hulk!”

The only one who didn’t seem shaken about Anika’s new coloring was Rachel. “It’s probably just a curse. They aren’t that bad usually.” With that cryptic statement Rachel winked at Anika and suddenly appeared to be a blue metamorph out of the X-Men.

Melody – Phoenix (Updated from Firestar as listed on Rob’s email)
Kaze – Sunfire (Spelling corrected from Sunfyre on the same email)
Anika – She-Hulk
Rachel – Mystique
Suzie – ?
Zoe – ?



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