St. Perpetua's Girl School

01/29/2011 Boys Game

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Players: Bill, Michael, Steven & RedJen
Characters: Milo, Jeremy, Jesse, Aiden, Susan (NPC) and Abby (NPC).

The day started with Jeremy and Susan going for a run in the woods between Bicford and St. P’s. While on their run they discovered the presence of werewolves. They also ran in to Aiden as he was out taking pictures with his digital camera.

Jeremy, Susan and Aiden met up with Milo and Jesse in the student union. After MUCH discussion they decided to head back out to the woods and look for the werewolves. The characters encountered Abby as she was being chased by four guys who didn’t seem much older than the characters.

After a moment or two of discussion the four guys chasing Abby revealed their true natures by “wolfing out” and attacking the characters. Thanks to some sufficient knife work by Jeremy with a dagger recently received in a timely care package from home, proficient spell slinging by Milo and Jesse and some stereotypical biting and clawing action from Susan the characters were able to hold their own.

The game ended with the characters victorious by chasing off the small pack of werewolves with their tails between their legs and several secrets revealed and shared between friends.

We will not mention Aiden getting a bad case of the wiggins and running off before the big fight.


To those that were involved with this game: Please feel free to edit this entry to add additional info I have left out and correct any mistakes that are due to faulty memory.

01/29/2011 Boys Game

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