Jake McPherson

Bryce's partner in crime. Keep him away from your girlfriend, your sister, and probably your mom, too.


Casting: Matt LeBlanc


Jake McPherson is a 15-year old sophomore at Bicford Prep, a legacy student whose family has attended the school for several generations now. Jake realized at an early age that he had a way with women and could talk girls into doing just about anything – helping him with homework or providing him with test answers.

At the tender age of 13, Jake lost his virginity to his older sister’s best friend, and ever since he’s been a womanizing scoundrel of the highest degree. Stories of Jake McPherson’s sexual conquests are nigh legendary among the boys of Bicford – rumor has it he even managed to seduce a fetching young nurse’s aid who worked at the school during his freshman year, and there’s more than one story of him hooking up with his friends’ mothers and siblings while tagging along on a weekend trip back home.

Jake loves a good time more than almost anyone, and he and Bryce Lawrence are often formulating plots to further their own hedonistic ends at Bicford. They’ve been working on a fool-proof method of getting into both St. Perpetua’s and the other nearby girls’ school ever since they met, both for pleasurable ends and profitable ones. If Bryce has a hand in a scheme, chances are Jake has dipped a finger or toe into it as well. Jake’s other interests include basketball (he’s a varsity player for Bicford despite his age), country music, and video games – and he stays on good terms with the AV Club Kids to ensure that he’s always got the latest and greatest in first-person shooters.

Jake McPherson

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