Anima "Ani Bell' Bellator

Runs the Dues Harbor B&B, Deceased Slayer now Guardian Angel


This adorable and spunky young lady, who goes by the affectionate nickname of “Ani Bell,” runs the Deus Harbor B&B.

In another life she was a Slayer, Vi. But now she is a deceased Slayer returned to Earth as a Guardian Angel.


Work in Progress:

“My Watcher once showed me a photograph of one. A blurry photograph”
―Vi [src]


Vi (or Violet) is a Vampire Slayer portrayed by Felicia Day.

Violet or “Vi” (last name unknown) was a Slayer, active in the early 21st century.

As a Potential Slayer, Vi’s Watcher sent her under Bunny’s protection in Sunnydale during XXXXXXXX. She first appeared timid, often naive about the supernatural. However, when she was imbued with the Slayer power, Vi displayed remarkable skill with a knife against Vampires

A Potential Slayer identified by the Watcher’s Council, Vi had been taken under the wing of a Watcher, but her time with him/her was very sheltered and she had yet to even see a vampire before her arrival in Sunnydale.

Vi was a very shy and nervous girl, but during her time as a Potential Slayer, she grew into a stronger and more confident young woman. Her training with the other Potentials began rather poorly, but when she was Chosen, she became a proficient fighter

“These guys are dust”

Anima "Ani Bell' Bellator

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