Thomas (Tommy) O'Flattery

Star Rugby player from a Boston police family


Casting: Johnny Depp

Tommy is a short, muscular guy who is friend to everyone. He is recognized by his unruly auburn hair and loud laugh.

While he’s pegged as a “jock” by his school mates, he can be found talking to jocks, preps, freaks and geeks alike. He dresses with his own tastes in mind, and is rather modest in style.

Tommy has an intolerance for bullies and welcomes the chance to set them straight when the chance come around.


Tommy comes from a large Boston police family, he’s the middle of seven children, all whom have aspirations in the legal field. Tommy wants to become a detective, like his grandfather, and be well respected.

Although Tommy is of the handsome sort, and he enjoys girls. His family is devout Catholic and his status as star Rugby players puts him in the limelight. He has no love interests, and he tends to vent his frustrations on bullies, especially ones who have a reputation of beating on gays or the weak and geeky. The target of his hatred is currently Allen Coffee.

Thomas (Tommy) O'Flattery

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