Ethan Rayne

Dark Warlock who once was Master of Felicity


Little is known about Ethan’s early years, although his accent confirms he is English. In the early 1970s, Ethan met and became friends with Rupert Giles, then known as “Ripper.” Giles had dropped out of Oxford University and traveled to London to seek out the worst crowd that would have him. Associating with the dregs of the supernatural subculture that exists in the world, he was in a phase later described by Jesse McNally as an “electric Kool-Aid funky Satan groove.”

The group practiced small magics for pleasure and gain, until Ethan and Ripper discovered something bigger: the demon known as Eyghon, or the Sleepwalker. Tattooing themselves with the Mark of Eyghon, they would take turns falling asleep, and the rest of the group would summon the demon into the sleeper. According to Giles, it was an extraordinary high, a euphoric feeling of power, but was also incredibly risky. When Eyghon took control of Randall, one of their group, the others tried to exorcise the demon, resulting in Randall’s death. Giles was changed by the event, leaving London and returning to the Watchers’ Council. Ethan, on the other hand, went the opposite direction, delving deeper into the black arts. When Ethan asked, years later, why things had changed, why they stopped being mates, Giles replied, “When you started to worship chaos.”

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Ethan’s worship of chaos often serves as a convenient plot excuse for random supernatural occurrences. Becoming a magical subcontractor and making deals with demons, vampires, and humans alike in his varied jobs, Ethan gained a reputation for getting the job done. He has performed magic without apparent financial reward, but simply for the amusement of chaos.

Later, in the episode “The Dark Age”, Ethan comes looking for Giles in the Sunnydale High School library. He has been having dreams of Eyghon, and the fate of the others who wear “the Mark.” Ethan knows that somehow the demon has returned again and is roaming free upon the world. The Mark of Eyghon on the original group members acts as a beacon for the demon to locate them, kill them, and possess each corpse in turn to hunt his next victim with. Ethan plans to hide behind Giles. Ethan removing his own Mark with acid, so that Giles is the last wearer of the Mark. The substitution works, and the demon loses interest in him, instead going after Giles. Bunny is unable to stop Eyghon from Giles.

Powers and abilities

Ethan’s years of experience in the world of the supernatural made him a skilled sorcerer and chaos magician, adept at performing curses and transmogrification. He also had great knowledge of demonology and black magic as well as possessing fluency in Latin. The Mark of Eyghon granted him a psychic link of sorts to the demon, and gave him visions when the demon was in close proximity.


Ethan Rayne

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