Eyghon was a demon that could manifest in our reality only by possessing a human host, either dead or unconscious. In case of dead host bodies, Eyghon’s energy would eventually cause them to collapse into a liquid gooey substance. In case of unconscious hosts, Eyghon would take permanent possession, reversible only through the death of the host. In these cases, Eyghon would manifest physically, causing sever deformations in the host body including facial ridges, blue sores on forehead, face and neck, pointy ears, and glowing eyes. This kind of possession would only be reversed by killing the host, or injuring him/her so the demon would believe himself in mortal danger and escape into another host.

Eyghon was also capable of establishing a psychic link with the bearers of his mark and in between them, allowing the demon to track them down and cause them to experience vivid, flash-like visions during their sleep.

Finally, Eyghon manifested telekinetic powers.Eyghon

Mark of Eyghon:

“We can’t run. Eyghon will find us. This mark might as well be a homing beacon.”
―Ethan Rayne[src]

The Mark of Eyghon was a ritual mark associated with the demon Eyghon and worn by his initiates. Those tattooed with it share a psychic link with Eyghon, allowing him to track them, and others bearing the mark. The proximity of Eyghon causes the mark bearers to experience flash-like visions when sleeping.


Eyghon, also called the Sleepwalker, can only exist in this reality by possessing an unconscious host. Temporary possession by the demon imbues the host with a euphoric feeling of power. However, unless the proper rituals are observed, the possession is permanent and Eyghon will be born from within the host.

Once called, Eyghon can also take possession of the dead, but it’s demonic energy soon disintegrates the host, and it must jump to the nearest dead or unconscious person to continue living. Many ancient sects used to induce possession for bacchanals and orgies.

When Rupert Giles was a young man, he rebelled against his duty as Watcher and joined a group of five individuals to create a cult which worshipped Eyghon. One of them would go into a deep sleep and the others would summon him. They all loved the euphoric feeling it would give them. They continued with their worship until one of the members, Randall, lost control and Eyghon took him hole. They tried to exorcise the demon, but it killed him. Actually, they killed him to stop Eyghon. They succeeded in banishing the demon though.

But the first thing it did when it got back to this reality was to start hunting the rest of the members of the cult. It killed Tomas Sutcliffe and Deidre Page, then it took possession of Deidre’s dead body and hunted down Phillip Henry. It found Phillip at the Sunnydale Highschool’s doorstep and killed him there. But it jumped bodies once more and took possession of Philip and came after Ethan who had taken refuge in the Library.


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