Ian Thomas - A/V

A/V Club, Computer and Comic Book Geek, aka "Martian Manhunter"


Casting: Jesse Eisenberg

If there was a picture of “geek” in the dictionary, it would surely be Ian’s image that graces the entry. The only thing he does lack is the M1970-type glasses with white tape wrapped around the nosebridge — his eyesight is 20/10… better to spot the unobtainable girls by. He’s a skinny guy, affable and very much into comics and computers. He has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a excitable nature. He dresses very chez Geek, wrinkly tan Dockers, untucked shirt underneath his Bicford blazer.


Ian comes from a well-to-do family from Connecticut. The family has sent all its boys to Bicford Prep and its ladies to St. Perpetua’s. The Thomas family also has a very “hands-off” policy with its children, something that Ian really resents and envys in some of his friends who have a closer relationship with their parents.

Ian is youngest, he has an older brother and sister who are are already in college. They too, are inaccessible, having learned the time-honored family trait from their parents.

In his first days at Bicford, he was bullied by Allen Coffee, a twit of the highest standing. Coffee came close to hurting Ian, but when blood started to flow, a fellow classman who lives on the same floor as Ian stepped in — Tommy O’Flannery. Ian and Tommy have struck up a beneficial friendship across cliches. Tommy and his friends make sure that Allen and his ilk keep away from the A/V Club, and Ian and his friends provide free tutoring to Tommy and his friends.

Ian is a guy who seems to be somewhere when something happens, and he was there with the Dog ’n Cat Episode; the very time that the Bicford “Justice League” sprang to life. Ian is known as “Martian Manhunter” in those circles.

Ian Thomas - A/V

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