Melody Rose Harris

Hippy Orphan (Witch)


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Melody Rose Harris is anything but normal. She has been living the last few years of her life with her Aunt Geneva & Great Aunt Angelica. She came to live with them after the death of her parents. Melody has always been close to her aunts and has always spent the summer with them learning magic.

Even if she wasn’t a witch, Melody would not have fit in the popular crowd, but being a witch certainly doesn’t help. It never bothers Melody though. She wants to learn all she can and be friends with everyone including but not limited to her schoolmates. Because of her witchy nature she has been privy to many “skyclad” ceremonies and events and has never been embarrassed or ashamed of nudity. This can often cause problems when she is not with the coven.

After the first week of school, Melody plans to enlist the aid of her aunts to learn more magics and make more items that will help her in keeping safe and sane in this strange but exciting new school. And hopefully not scare away her new roommate with her strange “witchy” ways.

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Extended Bio*************
Melody Rose Harris
Age: 14
General Appearance: She is roughly 5’4 and is well developed with full hips and bust. She has long black curly hair that she typically wears loose and falls past her waist. She also has green eyes and is said to favor her Aunt Geneva in looks.

Background: After loosing both her parents 2 summers ago, Melody has been living with her aunts in Windsor, CT. While Melody has always been close to her aunts and spends every summer with them learning witchcraft.

Family History: Melody’s parents are Bryce & Renee Harris. Bryce Harris and Geneva Harris are twins and so was their mother Sylvia Harris. Sylvia’s twin sister is Angelica Harris who like Geneva & Melody is a witch. Both Renee & Geneva went to St. P’s and Bryce went to Bicford Prep, the neighboring boy’s school around the lake. Currently, Geneva & Angelica have been running a new age shop called the Grove of Enlightenment. Since her parent’s death, Melody has lived with them and learned more about the store and witchcraft.

Personality: Like many teenagers she is a bit shy at first but she is quick to try and make friends. This demonstrates her curious empathy with everyone she meets as well. Sometimes this big heart and her naivety about some social standards can get her into trouble. Very often she doesn’t understand why some people do not always reciprocate the kindness she shows them. She is sometimes too open about some of her witchy ways and thus people tend to think of her as a “hippy”, especially when her manner of dress, or lack there of, and new age ideas with herbs and crystals compounds that impression.

Supernatural Abilities: Melody is a witch (just like her Aunts) and has been seen by her new friends casting spells. It is certainly a family affair but not everyone is affected. Twins also run in the family and typically only one twin will be a witch and the women more often than the men. Her friends at school have actually seen her throwing this green ball of light that will cause the target to be wrapped in thick vines and held helpless. Also, a few people claim to have seen her burst into flames that do not harm her.

Family Pets: Melody received Socrates from her father on her 10th birthday. He is a pure white American short hair cat with lovely light green eyes. He loves Melody and when not with her he snuggles with her Aunts or Sugar & Charming. Sugar is Geneva’s 7 year old tortoise shell cat that she has had for many years. “Prince” Charming is the family Irish Setter that Melody brought with her after her parents died. He is the picture of perfect manners and a gentleman. Of course, if that wasn’t the case Angelica would not certainly have had reservations about bringing a dog into their house. And lastly there is Maleficent. She is a 13 year old black long haired cat. She was rescued by Angelica when she found her wandering the streets near the store. She still spends much of her time at the store, primarily on private area on the second floor. She doesn’t really like anyone but Angelica.

Melody Rose Harris

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