Mia Bugatti

Juvenile Delinquent and Mafia Princess - Juliet


Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Constitution 3
Intelligence 3
Perception 2
Willpower 2

Useful Information
Initiative +9
Observation +5 (2 more if danger)
Fear Check +9

Acrobatics 4
Crime 3
Getting Medieval 2
Influence 2
Kung Fu 3
Notice 3
Sports 3

Situational Awareness 2
Nerves of Steel 3
Contacts (School) 2
Resourceful 2
Criminal/Wise-Guy 3
Contacts (Criminal) 1
Hard to Kill 2
Attractive 1
Fast Reaction Time

Teenager 2
Covet Fame 1
Love 4
Paranoid 2
Adversary 2

Combat Maneuvers
Bite – Bonus 7, Base Damage 9
Break Neck – Bonus 6, Base Damage 12, Bash
Choke – Bonus 6, Base Damage 2, Bash
Dodge – Bonus 8, Base Damage
Full Defense +3
Full Offense – +2
Grapple – Bonus 7, Base Damage
Kick – Bonus 6, Base Damage 7, Bash
Knife (Big Ass) – Bonus 6, Base Damage 6, Slash/Stab
Punch – Bonus 7, Base Damage 6, Bash
Slam Tackle – Bonus 6, Base Damage 6, Bash
Softball Bat – Bonus 7, Base Damage 12, Bash
Take Down – Bonus 6, Base Damage 3, Bash

Lock-picking Kit
“Slim Jim”
Hot Wiring Tools
DroidX Phone
Used Gift Cards


Casting: Angelina Jolie

General Description
Sex: Female
Age: 13
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown

Personality: Criminal Mastermind/Brutal Thug
Strengths: Resourceful, Contacts, Intelligent
Weaknesses: Paranoid, Adversaries, Obligations
Romantic Interests: Joey Coppola
Short Term Goals: Make Some Cash

“I was a professional monster hunter before I became a nurse”
“I hope you brought protection… and by protection I mean a pocket protector.” – Mia insulting Suzie for being a goody-two-shoes. Suzie had snuck into the boy’s school to do some research instead of going there to have a good time.

Uncle Tony
Janitor Nelson
James the Dish Washer
“Sleazy Chuck”

Mrs. Leach
Maggie the Cafeteria Lady

Born into a family with mobster connections, expelled from various private schools before being sent to St. P’s as a last resort by her Uncle.

Mia’s Dorm Room

  • A total mess – clothes and tennis shoes everywhere. Softball glove, softball bats, game controllers scattered on the floor.
  • A small laptop on her desk.
  • A TV , Blue Ray Player and XBOX 360 on the other desk.
  • Both closets are completely full – the doors will not completely close.
  • Posters on her wall are all from action movies

Mia Bugatti

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