Bryce Lawrence

Troublemaker from a Watcher Family


Casting: Alex Winter


Bryce Lawrence is the son of a male British Watcher and a female American parapsychologist who’s a bit of a troublemaker and very anti-authority. His relationship with his father is not a good one, perhaps because they are so similar; Bryce gets along alright with his mother, but she’s really too detached from reality and absorbed in her research to pay him too much mind. He knows about the Council of Watchers and some of the grim meathook realities of the Buffyverse, and has broken into his father’s library more than once seeking magical secrets – even succeeding in firing off a cantrip or two now and then, but nothing terribly sinister or genuinely powerful.

Bryce has been kicked out of numerous schools – public and private institutions, day schools, boarding schools, you name it. Presumably, Bicford is the last stop before a rigorous regimen in a military academy begins (though he’s already been discharged from one of those, so who knows where he’ll end up if he gets booted from BP).

Bryce is moderately athletic but doesn’t engage in organized sports of any kind, and a decent student who is lacking in motivation to an extreme. He runs with the popular crowd, but has friends in low places as well. He delights in talking back at teachers, especially ones who are blatantly ignorant or condescending.

Bryce is a connosseur of the fast and fun lifestyle of a party kid, and generally has access to whatever contraband makes his time at school more enjoyable – drugs, alcohol, and anything else prohibited that he considers fun to keep around. He’s not a drug dealer, though, and doesn’t want to be known as the “hookup”; he’d rather keep his business quiet and get away with it all.

Bryce Lawrence

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