St. Perpetua's Girl School

03/20/2011 St. Perpetua Game
Taint Alive, Taint Dead

Players: Allie, Bill, Jess, RedJen, Richard, & Tabby

Characters: Suzie, Seth, Milo, Kaze, Anika, Bryce, & Zoe McAllister

Wrap up Neverland / Mythos Adventure, The Big Pirate Fight!

On March 20th, we had the Girls’ wrap-up of the underwater chase & recsue of Pan from the Mermaids & Pirates.

So that was an order of Greens, Fish & Planks!

03/19/2011 Bicford Prep Game
Coffee Break

Players: Bill, Dara, Lisa, Michael Redjen, Stephen
Characters: Aiden Allen Scott, Jeremy Nathan Taylor, Jessie Flynn, Conner Graysen, Nathaniel Dorsey, Yukari, Allen Coffee – Sophmore – Football – Bully (NPC)

The session started with the gang hanging out in a dorm room talking about a lot of the stuff they have been through lately while bring Yukari up to speed on life at Bicford.

The group spent time talking about themselves and why they are all drawn together. Certain members of the group discovered that they had a lot in common as they were basically orphans. Those that are not orphans like the idea of having a group of friends that act like a surrogate family while they are away from their own families. The sense of family and all of the wacky adventures are the glue that bind this group together.

Jeremy and Conner discovered that they have something in common. Conner is a little more proficient at it than Jeremy as he has been doing it longer. Jeremy just realized a few days before that he could do it himself.

After a while the group gets a little restless and decides to go pay Allen Coffee a visit. The group wants to learn about the person that paid Allen to curse Jessie. During the course of the interrogation the door of Allen‘s closet was ripped wide open. There was also a scuffle in which Allen and two of his football jock friends were beaten into submission. The gang left Allen and his two football buddies in Allen’s dorm room in compromising positions. Pictures of said positions were taken for future use.

Surprisingly there was no coffee consumed during this episode.

03/06/2011 Girls Game
Cup of Tea and A Child’s Game and Some Answers?

Players: Bill, Jess, RedJen, & Tabby

Side Order of Asian Adventure – “A Cup of Tea and A Child’s Game and Some Answers?”

03/05/2011 Boys Game
Demon is Going to Get You Tonight

Players: Bill, Dara, Lisa, RedJen, & Steven

Continuation of “The Demon Going to Get You, Tonight!” from 02/26/2011 Boys Game

Introduction of Josh & Yukari.

Aiden’s Notes:
1 hound summoned
2 more hounds appear with a female handler & followed by 2 demons
Hounds attack Jessie
Milo pulls the handler into the room
Nate & Aiden are attacked with magical bo-Los, 
Aiden is wrapped up & begins looking for something to use to remove it.
The handler fries Milo to crispy bits
Nate notices the handler is working against her will
Joshua Conner (JC) Grey shows up with baseball bat and helps take care of demons.

Hound scented:
◈ Zero Cool
◈ Ronny✓
◈ Jessie ✓
◈ Jake ✓

02/27/2011 Girls Game
Bakeneko, Dragons & Oni. Oh My!

Players: Bill, Jess & RedJen

Special Side Adventure of “Asian Delightful Surprise”!

The Darkness Begins

Players: Bill
Characters: Milo Ramirez

California, Fourteen years ago…

The day would be called perfect by most. The sun was shining, clouds were billowy, and there was a gentle breeze in the warm spring air. Sarah Ramirez had opened the window in the nursery after laying her new born son, Milo, in his bassinet. Diego Ramirez had taken his two older boys, Jake, two, and Ryan, five, to visit with friends at the playground.

Sarah looked back from the doorway and smiled as she looked toward the bassinet. For Sarah Ramirez, life was perfect. She turned on the baby monitor and quietly closed the door and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Sarah loved the kitchen. She would find joy in making culinary artwork.

Two very strange looking birds flew through the open window and landed on either side of the bassinet. The birds had an unearthly air about them. The finch sized birds were made of pure darkness. Yet seemed very innocent with large their round red eyes.

A young woman appeared as though the shadow in the corner took on human form. “Ah, my little darklings, you beat me here,” the woman spoke with an almost lyrical tone. “Impatient as I am I suppose.”

She walked the perimeter of room slowly, looking over the items on shelves and pictures on the wall. “My what a lovely family your son has, Jasmine,” speaking to no one, “but as you destroyed what I loved, so shall I destroy what you love most.” With that the woman moved to the bassinet.

Milo slept peacefully in his bassinet. He did not hear the woman speaking, The darklings chirped quietly. “You know, Milo, a destiny awaits you,” she continued, “a destiny of my making. You see, little one, your grandmother made a mistake. So now I shall give you darkness.”

Almost as though the birds could sense the woman’s intent, each of their eyes split into two narrow eyes, one eye above the other. The birds hissed at each other. Then one jumped off the side of the bassinet onto Milo, head first. The bird seemingly melted into the boy as momentum carried it forward.

“Oh, Milo, I hope you enjoy the darkness the first darkling brings you,” a wicked smile crossed her face. “Don’t worry my precious,” speaking to the remaining bird, “your time will come.” The woman walked into the shadowy corner she emerged from as the lone darkling flew out the window.

England, Eighteen months ago…

Milo met her the night he walked in Hyde Park. His grandfather was working late doing whatever it was they had come to London for. Bored one night, Milo decided to go for a walk in the park. Something had drawn him to a dark, unlit area where he found a twenty something year old woman. Milo felt an instant connection to this mysterious goth lady.

The mysterious woman would meet Milo in the park every night for the entire summer. She would tell him things and show him others. His mysterious friend introduced him to the darklings and magic. She showed Milo an old leather bound journal thShe taught him what she said were spells he would one day be able to cast with real affect.

She told him about the tragedy to come to his family. Told him how his parents were going to die before he returned to the States. Told him he would be returning alone, that his grandfather would be dead soon. Told him how his grandmother would have a heart attack and survive. She told him that everything would be okay.

Then she told Milo he would forget everything, like the summer never happened. However, she said that he would remember when the time was right.

Connecticut, Two weeks ago…

“Knock, knock,” came the chipper voice of a young lady, “movie night, Ms. Ramirez!” The twenty-something year old had a big smile. She enjoyed talking to Jasmine Ramirez about the movies they should every Wednesday night.

Jasmin looked up from her book, “Already time, Jenny?” A twinkle danced in her eye and smile crossed parted her lips, “My grandsons really liked seeing the movie with the blue people. What’s it called again?”

Jenny flipped the light switch off as she and Jasmine left the room. As their footsteps quieted with distance, a shapely female form stepped out from the outer wall into the room. The light flickered one just moments before Milo arrived.

“Excuse me,” Milo said as entered his grandmother’s room to find a young woman with her back to him, “can you tell me where Jasmine Ramirez is?”

The woman turned to face Milo holding an old leather bound journal in her left hand, “Hello, Milo.”

“You,” a look of confusion appeared on Milo, “I know you.” He felt an inexplicable connection to the stranger and noticed the little bird of darkness on his grandmothers bed. The darkling chirped happily as it hopped toward Milo. Instinctively he reach down a picked up the bird and started to pet the dark creature.

The goth woman moved close to Milo. She kissed his forehead, “Remember,” she said as she stepped back. Memories of a summer of what Milo would have called fun flooded his mind. “Here. This is yours now,” she held out the journal.

Milo placed the bird back on the bed and took the journal. “Milo,” his mysterious friend began as she picked up the darkling, “this is your darkling. Your second actually. The first brought you darkness. The second will bring you power. No go little creature. Go to your new home.” The darkling changed its appearance from 2 large round red eyes to 4 narrow eyes. The dark bird hissed before lunging into Milo’s chest. Like the first darkling did fourteen years ago the bird of darkness melted into Milo.

As the darkling merged with him, Milo felt power growing within himself. It was intoxicating. He remembered the spells she had taught him over the summer. He did not remember what she told him before summers end. He was not ready…but soon.

“Remember, Milo. Just as last year. Nobody can know about me. Use your magic. Tell your brothers and friends. Tell them your grandmother awoke your power and taught you those spells.” She reached out her hand and caressed Milo’s cheek, “You are almost ready, my boy.” She stepped back into the shadows and was gone.

02/26/2011 Boys Game
Demon is Going to Get You, Tonight

Players: Bill, Dara, Michael, RedJen, Steven
Characters: Aiden, Jeremy, Jessie, Milo, Nate, Abby (NPC)

Jocks, Hell Hounds and Scat! Oh My!

The cleansing ritual must be performed but our intrepid group needed the blood from the demon to do it. First things first, we needed to contact those that have been marked by the ritual. Aiden does that computer voodoo that he does so well. Finding out from security footage if anyone in the TV room and Lounge were there long enough to be marked. Aiden finds Jessie spent a lot of time in the room…enough to be marked by the demon mark. He also finds that the Jocks are the ones that performed the ritual.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Roommate Ronny is playing Wizards and Wands LARP. Much to Jeremy’s dismay. Nate thinks it is interesting and amusing. Not wanting to scare Ronny too much, he tells him to keep his magic communicator with him and to “call” him if anything weird happens.

Next we go to Jeremy and Jessie’s room where we find Abby the “Child of the Moon”. Abby needs a place to stay and Jeremy’s family (according to Jesse) could help with that.

Everyone decides to go to the Jock’s room based on Aiden’s information. So we off to Allen Coffee’s room to investigate since the Jocks are away celebrating a win. Aiden and Nate begin searching the room. Digging through his room they find a container filled with demon scat and a note that says “Put this anywhere Jessie Migt be” plus the full ritual with words spelled phonetically. The note itself was written on Dr Carl Davis prescription pad. Nate decides that this is important to finding out why Jessie was targeted and performs psychometry on the note.

<<vision>> Nate sees Dr Davis (played by John Stamos). He senses a great hatrid for Jessie and confusion/conflict when the doc thinks about the wedding with Ms Davis. Next he sees Dr. Davis paying the Allen and the rest of the Jocks to perform the ritual. Then Nate sees that Davis is trapped in a house surrounded by flames. There is great pain and Nate sees a Red moon above a beach with an ocean. Then everything turns blood Red. <<end>>

Nate’s scream brings everyone else back into Allen’s room. Nate cringes from the memory of the vision whenever Jessie speaks. Things are serious now and all that is left of the clues is the Demon Scat. Nate bravely decides to try psychometry …on the SCAT. Everyone shouts no but too late as Nate plunges his hand into the foul smelling scat. His sacrifice is rewarded as he sees the demon ….and it is dropping scat and eating brains. Milo says that he needs to perform the ritual on NATE to cleans him of the scat. Before anyone can do anything…the Jocks return! A scuffle insues and long story short (too late) the Jocks are subdued. They are tied up in a compromising position and a fake demon mark is placed under their beds. Nate is cleansed of the demon poo …careful to save his notes elsewhere during the ritual.

A normal school day passes. Aiden spends some time in the library with Nate investigating the demon. A mysterious benefactor helps Aiden with identifying the type of demon {called a Hell Hound} (described in perfect detail from Nate’s eidetic memory). He gives a mysterious warning about a master of the hounds that may be with the other demon. Milo investigates a ritual to summon the demon but we need something of the demon (back to the poo left in the Jock’s room). The group is able to get some scat left on the floor (thankfully the Jocks can’t clean like Milo can). The rest of the ingredients are found.

The group makes their way to the boiler Room and Milo/Jessie/(Jeremy) perform the DARK MAGIC ritual to summon the demon. The demon comes and Jessie becomes fond of the foul beast. They want to ride it but clearer heads prevail. The blood is extracted from the demon and combined with the holy water and other ingredients used to clean the mark. The mark is supposedly cleaned and the demon sent away when what should appear but another Demon crashes into the room. There is a big fight and the demon is eventually put down. It seems that the Scat was not pure but a mixture of multiple demons. The cleansing is performed AGAIN with the new demon’s blood. Everyone thinks that all is fine until the group hears the awful howl we now recognize as the demons…two of them. Apparently there were more …and cue the cliffhanger!

02/12/2011 Boys Game
Magic and Drugs don't Mix

Players: Bill, Michael, Dara & RedJen
Characters: Milo, Jeremy, Aiden, Nate, Bryce (NPC), Tommy (NPC), Jessie (by proxy)

The game starts with Jeremy and Milo deciding to go find Aiden after the encounter with the werewolves (see previous session). Nathan senses Aiden’s intense emotions and goes off to find him. When Aiden is found by Nate he is heard talking to himself trying to rationalize the events of last session. Jeremy and Milo find Aiden talking to Nate. Jeremy tries explaining the torn sweats and bloodied sweats he is wearing to Nate and Aiden. Many bad puns pass between Jeremy and Milo as they are telling Aiden and Nate what happened in the woods. Jeremy decides that he wants to clean up in the lake before heading back to his dorm to clean up and change.

As the group is making their way to the lake they are set upon by a werewolf. No one got the wiggins this time. The werewolf attacks Jeremy first successfully clawing him. Jeremy tries to knock him out but fails. Milo casts a spell that surrounds himself in lightning. Nate kicks the werewolf in the nads. While the werewolf is writhing on the ground grasping his junk Jeremy punches in the head. Milo then gives him a big hug while lightning swirls around them both. Aiden grabs a rock and decides to wait to see what happens. Jeremy holds off waiting for Milo to stop clinging like a sock to a shirt that just came out of the drier. The werewolf breaks free from Milo’s static cling and goes after Nate. Do we need really need to explain why the werewolf goes after Nate. Nate deftly avoids the pissed off werewolf. Jeremy tries to punch the werewolf after Nate deftly dances out of it’s way. Aiden bounces a rock off his head. Nate punches the werewolf on the nose. Milo decided that he wants to give him a big ol’ hung again. At this point the werewolf passes out and there is a naked man laying in front of them.

Jeremy doesn’t recognize the fellow student lying in front at first as he is occupied with another part of his anatomy but the others do as freshman Bryce Lawrence. After Jeremy checks to make sure Bryce isn’t dead (amid a few comments from Milo about checking his pulse on his neck) they discuss him being a werewolf. Eventually they decide to take him to a boat house on the lake to secure him and treat his wounds with the only bandages that they can find in the boat house first aid kit, Hello Kitty branded Bandages.

While in the boat house Aiden finds a back pack containing Roman Condoms, Fuzzy Handcuffs, a gag ball and several notebooks belonging to someone named Mia. The group figures out enough from the books to realize that one contains encoded transaction records, drug information, something about Sleepy Downs Old Folks Home and the prices of certain materials items.

After investigating the contents of the backpack the groups decides to get Bryce some clothes. Jeremy and Aiden stays to keep an eye on Bryce while Nate and Milo head off to find some clothes for Bryce so he has something more modest that a tarp Aiden found to hide his naught bits.

Milo and Nate find Tommy Archer and get him let them in to Bryce’s room to get some clothes for Bryce. Milo and Tommy talk while Nate just listens. Milo tells Tommy about Bryce attacking them as a werewolf and tells them about the events leading up to why they were there looking for Bryce’s clothes.

Aiden and Jeremy are occupying themselves with the notebooks while watching Bryce. Milo, Nate and Tommy show up at the boat house with some clothes for Bryce. They proceed to wake Bryce and talk to him about his wolfing out and attacking them. The conversation ends with a brief scuffle between Milo, Jeremy and Tommy.

Milo and Jeremy want to follow Tommy and Bryce to finish kicking their asses but they decide not to. Nate admits to causing a calming affect when Jeremy and Milo want to go after Bryce and Tommy when Milo thinks it a Bryce spell.

After some more discussion they all decide to go check out Jessie’s room and his roommate. Once they get to Jessie’s dorm room they find a demon mark under Jessie’s room. The group knows that the mark is part of a spell that is designed to mark a person to attract a demon to kill them. Aiden takes Jessie’s roommate for a walk while the others clean up the demon mark. Jeremy and Nate break into a janitor’s closet for some cleaning supplies while Milo tries to come up with a spell to do some arcane cleansing which is effective.

Brian takes Aiden around making showing all the places Brian said that he smelled the same odor that was in his and Jessie’s room. Brian shows Aiden Milo’s room, Jeremy’s room, Dade’s room, Jake’s room, the TV Room and Study Lounge and says that he has smelled the same smell there.

After Milo and Jeremy check out their rooms they find a sigil under Milo’s bed and Ronnie‘s bed, Jeremy’s roommate. They clean up the sigils in Jeremy and Milo’s room. They discover that Milo’s brother has been marked but still cleaned the sigil up. They were not able to get into Dade‘s room but figures he is marked. They cleaned up the TV Room and the Study Room but don’t know if anyone was there long enough to be marked.

And here ends our adventure until next time. We call this a cliffhanger ending.

02/06/2011 Girls Game
Non-Stick Pan

Players: Allie, Bill, Richard, Jen, Jess, Taby, RedJen
Characters: Suzie, Seth, Bryce, Melody Rose Harris, Kaze, Zoe, Anika
We started a fight with the indians and lost boys. Zoe blinked over to Bryce and Melody who were tied together. Kaze blasted 9 indians with her fire bow. Melody summons some earth elemntals to clear a path through the indians. Suzie groans in agony and then takes off toward the beach. The rest of us follow by riding the elementals. Suzie was already in the water by the time we arrived. Wasting no time Melody teaches Kaze, Bryce and Seth a spell to let them breath under water. Bryce and Melody help the others cast the spells or cast it on them. Seth casts the spell on himself and dives in after Suzie. He catches up and casts the spell on Suzie. They get tangled by seaweed. The others arrive and get caught too. Once free Suzie and Seth head to the cave. Greated by mermaids Suzie talks her way through. Seth stays behind and gets paralyzed and maimed by one. The others show up and beat up the mermaids. Zoe blinks to Suzie Who has found the croc. Bryce & melody entangle its mouth. We surface to see pirate ships. The 2nd in command is the dead dean of students at St. P’s. Captain Hook is Mia, former mafia princess.

01/30/2011 - Girls Game
Peter Pun?


Start of NEW SEASON ~ Adventures in Mythos


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