St. Perpetua's Girl School

Kaze and Melody 2nd talk

Melody: Melody walks into the bedroom and abruptly drops the stuff from the ritual on the floor beside her desk and then flops down onto her bed face down
well that was intense

Kaze: yeah

Melody: Uh what was that *turns over onto her back *

Kaze: just agreeing with you
still kinda out of it like she was when she was staring at the fire but not catatonic

Melody: sigh I should probably go throiugh the Dean’s books but I’m too tired right now
I should probabl call Gen, too.

Kaze: ok Kaze curls up on her bed with her back to Melody after pulling the picture out of her desk drawer

Melody: That ritual drained me though, I’m getting a shower and relaxing. All go through this junk tomorrow.
walks into the bathroom and you hear the water turn on

Kaze: ok Kaze still curled up on her bed

Melody: some time passes and eventually the water stops and Melody comes out swathed in her favorite green towel
I feel sooo much better now

Kaze: still curled up on her bed with the picture but is awake

Melody: wha are you look at?

Kaze: yeah
rolls over and tries to hid the pic under her pillow

Melody: alright no more mopey time! * pounces onto Kaze’s bed and proceeds to tickle her*

Kaze: oww Kaze could not help but laugh
what did you do that for

Melody: well you weren’t paying attentin and that was the first thing I could think of flopping down onto the bed
so what are you looking at?

Kaze: a picture of a friend I left back in Japan

Melody: oh..I guess you probably miss your friends from Japan huh?

Kaze: yeah
I feel so strange here
like I don’t belong

Melody: that’s just because you’re not used to America
I would probably feel the same in Japan

Kaze: yeah being away from everyone you have ever known is something I hope you don’t have to go through

Melody: well, remember you already have at least one friend here in America

  • Kaze a big hug*

Kaze: arigato
Kaze give a slight bow since she is sitting on the bed

Melody: opps I think I’m getting you all wet let me dry off

  • gets up and starts to dry off with towel she had wrapped around her^

Kaze: I guess I should get a shower to clean my body and clear my head

Melody: * grabs hair brush off night stand, throws towl to a chair and then sits on her bed to brush her hair*
okay, go get clean
I’ll be here

Kaze: k

Melody: sits naked on her bed brushing her hair

Kaze: Kaze grabs a towel and some clothes from her dress and walks into the bathroom
after a short time the water stops running and Kaze comes from the bathroom dressed in thin grey pants and black top
it still is strange that it does not take as long to shower anymore not really talking to anyone in perticular

Melody: huh why do you say that?
Melody reaches under her bead and pulls out a lotion bottle and starts meticulously applying lotion
she starts with her feet and then legs, still sitting on her bed

Kaze: my hair used to be alot longer
looks over at Melody and throws her towel at her

Melody: wow I bet it was pretty

Kaze: naked again

Melody: ack!!

Kaze: at least but a shirt on

Melody: sorry I forgot, I had to put my lotion on pouts

Kaze: why

Melody: why what?

Kaze: why the lotion

Melody: just something I like to do at the end of a stress ful day
It’s almost as good as meditating
it’s very cleansing for the spirit
starts up lotioning agian this time on her stomach and going to her arms and breasts
And very relaxing as well as leaving my skin soft. *giggle

Kaze: Kaze turns away from Melody
just let me know when you are finished
Kaze starts to brush her black and purple hair

Melody: hhmm oh yea

  • walks over to her dresser and pulls an old Bob Ross t-shirt that came down past her rear and strained against her chest*
    here let me do that for you * sits down on Kaze’s bed and starts to brush her hair fo rher*

Kaze: You don’t have too Kaze tried to take the brush from Melody

Melody: that’s the point! I know I don’t have to but I want to Kaze * keeps the brush away from Kaze’s reach*

Kaze: but

Melody: I"ll fight you for it raises and eyebrow if you want

Kaze: I still don’t understand why you are being so nice to me

Melody: why not?starts brushin Kaze’s hair we’re roommates, already friends and ..and hopefully we’ll be closer friends

Kaze: really?
I would like that
it is just hard to make friends
for me

Melody: I will admit I don’t have that many friends back homebut that’s just because some people think my family is weird

Kaze: because of your magic?

Melody: I guess
There are some ladies in town that would love to shut down our store

Kaze: Even though my family’s shrine has been around for many years there people that still see our shrine as a place to be avoided

Melody: * slowly brushin Kaze’s hair, occasionally rubbing up against as she reaches toward the front of her hari*
I guess not everyone is accepting as were are

Kaze: Kaze paused for a moment in thought but said nothing out loud to Melody

Melody: Well we each seem to have had problems with people because of our magic but we became friends

Kaze: looks out the window Wow it is really raining hard out there I missing listening to the rain on the roof but Kuroi and Karesu hated the rain gives a slight quiet laugh

Melody: kuroi?
I like the rain sometimes it’s fun to go out in the rain

Kaze: oh sorry
my crows
Kuroi and Karesu were the names I gave them
I was very young
Karesu means crow in Japanese and Kuroi means black

Melody: laughs
that’s okay we have a dog named Prince
Prince Charming that is

Kaze: like the man from the Disney Sleeping Beauty

Melody: yea
Prince is an Irish setter and he’s definetely “prince charming”

Kaze: he sounds cute

Melody: he has very nice manners for a dog and Malificent hates him
well I guess I can’ brush your hair that much more

Kaze: yeah
I guess not
when it was longer it was past my waist

Melody: wow that’s longer than mine
Mine doesn’t grow that fast and it was shorter when I was younger
why’d you cut it? I’ll bet it was pretty

Kaze: there was um an accident and I had to get it cut Kaze automatically reached up and rubbed the back of her neck

Melody: well that’s a shame, it’s still very pretty though

Kaze: arigato

Melody: falls back onto Kaze’s bed fwump
this rain is making me sleepy

Kaze: Kaze reaches to take the brush from Melody’s hand

Melody: oh yea here you go * hands her the brush*

Kaze: thanks
so um why did you want to room with me
I mean was there a reason beside the magic

Melody: oh you seemd like a neat person when we were talking and I wanted to get to know you
Melody: curls up into a ball on kaze’s bed as she talks to her

Kaze: you seem like you make friends easily
I have always had that problem since I was little
even at a young age people would say

Melody: I like making friends but sometimes it’s not so easy

Kaze: Kaze stops in mid sentence

Melody: hhmm?

Kaze: sorry I keep forgetting that magic is not something weird to you
it has always been hard for me to make friend because even at a young age I could see other things that people could not
the other kids thought I was weird

Melody: I can understand that
Mostly people at my old schools just thought I was a weird hippy and then when I moved to Windsor with my aunts they figured I’d be an oddball. I don’t really know why but not everyone like my family as I said and the kids at school seemed to ignore me from day 1 and then tried to make fun of me after that

Kaze: we seem to have a lot in common

Melody: This one guy even tried to grab my boobs once but I kicked him inthe groin

Kaze: I bet the boys still asked you out
never mind then

Melody: That started even more rumors…I dont’ really care what people think but just because they called me a “hippy” they thought it would mean I was “easy”,
eh, most of the boys were dumb jocks and the girls all preppy bitches..not my type at all
stupid sheep

Kaze: Kaze smiled as Melody talked about her past watching the girl curled up on her pillows and waving her hands about as she talked

Kaze: so you wanted to come here

Melody: yawn what about you kaze? I bet you had some admirers with your long hair

Kaze: picture Kaze was looking at before is still under her pillow

Melody: my mom wanted me to come here

Kaze: Kaze kinda gets this look on her face with a slight smile
I think more people were afriad of me or just wanted to make fun on me
I thought I had a friend but that turned out not to be true

Melody: that’s too bad, people never know that they are missing when they don’t try to make friends
was that the friend you told me about?

Kaze: who

Melody: you mentioned a friend you had in Japan the other day

Kaze: cocks head to the side
no Kaya was the only true friend I had back in Japan

Melody: yea, you had a picture of you and her I think…
Was that who you were looking at earlier?
do you miss her?

Kaze: I though Saki was my friend but she was not
a lot
we were close

Melody: Well, maybe she can come visit you
or you her

Kaze: I haven’t spoken to her since I left

Melody: you should be able tocall her at least

Kaze: I don’t know where I would start

Melody: Why not? sits up
if she’s you friend you should talk to her, you said you miss her

Kaze: there was this fight with my parents and I just kinda left over night no word to anyone
she probably thinks I hate her
that I…..

Melody: yea because you won’t talk to her!

Kaze: that I don’t wanna be friends with her anymore

Melody: send her an email or letter or somethng..don’t let her worry!
If she’s your friend she’s probably worried about you
I mean I would be

Kaze: I guess you are right

Melody: blushes slight

Kaze: are you comfortable

Melody: hehe your bed is comfy with the quilt

Kaze: Kaze reaches out with her foot and lightly nudges Melody’s foot

Melody: what?

Kaze: nothing Kaze smiles

Melody: looks a Kaze with a confused look then just smiles and lays back down

Kaze: getting tired

Melody: yea that ritual was exhausting after a long day

Kaze: things happened so fast
I mean that fire
Kaze has a glassed over look again


Kaze: shakes her head to clear her thoughts
So are we sharing a bed tonight Kaze looks at Melody on her pillows
Kaze propped up on one arm at the foot of her bed

Melody: huh oh I guess these beds aren’t that big
but if you wanted to…

Kaze: you look exhausted

Melody: yawn

Kaze: how about you just stay here on my bed and I just sleep in your bed for tonight so you don’t have to move

Melody: okay… yawn
Melody startsto cuddle up with the pillow on the bed

Kaze: cute Kaze whispers

Melody: * Melody reaches for the sheets but can’t quite reach them*
eh …

Kaze: here
Kaze gets up and pulls the sheets around Melody

Melody: hmmm mumble mumble..thanks..mumble

Kaze: night Kaze leans down and automatically brushes a strand of hair away from Melody’s face then realizes the picture is still under the pillow but knows she can’t get it with out waking up Melody
Kaze turns off the lamp beside her bed and then goes to Melody’s bed crawls in and turns off the lamp beside Melody’s bed

  • * * *

Kaze: Kaze wakes up in Melody’s bed
looks trying to see if Melody is awake or asleep

Melody: Meloday is awake reading a book snuggled in the covers on Kaze’s bed
back is to Kaze

Kaze: Kaze sneaks over to her side of the room with a grin on her face as she sees Melody breathing and pokes her in the ribs lightly

Melody: aaaahhhhh! * Melody jumps and her book goes flying*
jeez Kaze you scared me.
I didnt’ think you’d be up

Kaze: gomen Kaze giggles
I couldn’t resists
it was just too good of a chance to pass up

Melody: smiles that’s ok
I’m glad you’re in a good mood today

Kaze: you look comfortable

Melody: you were asleep so I figured I would just read until you got up

Kaze: you seemed really tired from last night
umm the ritual I mean

Melody: yea
Kaze: says really quickly
so what do you want to do today since classes don’t start monday
until monday

Melody: I dunno,
we can explore if you want

Kaze: kaze blushes and quickly turns around

Melody: starts to stretch on the bed almost like a cat

Kaze: explore where kinda stammers explore

Melody: I dunno the school and grounds I gues

Kaze: starts going through her dresser for clothes

Melody: I guess I should dress too

Kaze: you still wanna go to the library don’t you

Melody: * gets up and pulls of tshirt, tosses it in her hamper and walks naked to her dresser*
sure, though maybe we can do that this afternoon*
I’d like to just have some fun before I go back to the library and get studiuos*

Kaze: clothes please Kaze throws her hands up
just don’t do that in front of the other girls
well first I guess we should get some food this morning
I would really love some smoked fish and rice this morning

Melody: Hey maybe tomorrow we can take the bus to the nearby mall and get some sushi!

Kaze: sounds good to me

Melody: so you think the rest of our class would be upset if I walk around naked?
turns around and puts one hand on her bare hip, while the other held some article of clothing

Kaze: I think mostly anyone would be upset if you walked around naked

Melody: oh

Kaze: anyone who is not in your family cause apparently from what you have said you all walk around naked
weird Americans Kaze half mumbles but half says it so Melody can hear her

Melody: not really just don’t make a big deal when we are

  • runs over to Kaze and smacks her rear* I heard that!
    walks back to dresser and pulls out more clothes

Kaze: whhaa! screams jumps and blushes but keeps her back to Melody so she
can not see her blushing but forgets she is standing in front of her dresser mirror

Melody: giggles
paybacks a bitch
throws on a pair of faded and ripped jeans and a tank top, the jeans have many holes and obviously are not “fashionable torn” but fromk long use
aaah I love these jeas
Melody digs under her bed and pulls out her chest and pulls out a small backpack and proceeds to put some items from her trunk into it

Kaze: Kaze pulls out her plaid uniform skirt, black knees socks and white polo uniform shirt with the school crest on the left breast

Melody: I know lets go to the lake! My aunt told me about a quiet beach that’s hard to get to and we can relax this morning…and take a picnic lunch!
and we can talk more about magic.

  • digs out a thin blanket to put in her back pack*

Kaze: um okay
how could we do a lunch though we don’t have food up here
what time is it
Kaze looks for her clock

Melody: well we can get some snacks from the dining hall to take with us
I’m sure they have apples and stuff that we can take and cereal

Kaze: I guess we could grab some of that stuff when we go down for breatkfast

Melody: see that’s the spirit
lets go! starts to leave the room barefoot

Kaze: shoes

Melody: ick, no shoes today
I need to feel the grass between my toes

Kaze: yeah but you gotta wear shoe in the dinning hall

Melody: okay.walks over and grabs flip flops to put on
Are you coming or not Kaze?

Kaze: oh sorry just thinking
yeah I am coming

Melody: heads down the hall and down to the dining hall

Kaze: grabs bag and runs after Melody after locking their door
Melody wait up

Melody: Comeon Slowy mc slow

Kaze: not acting like she does around the other girls

Melody: daylight is wasting

Kaze: seems to be getting more comfortable around Melody
keeps telling herself not to trust too quickly but for some reason finds herself at ease around her roommate and new friend
being hyper gives you the energy to run
catches up with Melody

Melody: I can’t wait to show you the beach Mom told me about

Kaze: aren’t all beaches the same

Melody: haha very funny Kaze
*walks into the dining hall to see very few people there *
I guess everyone is sleeping in today

Kaze: well everyone doesn’t have YOU for a roommater

Melody: yea their loss

Kaze: Kaze smiles
just rolls eyes and did not respond

Melody: hey look they even have bread and those little packs of peanut butter so we can make sandwhiches for lunch!

Kaze: peanut butter and bread?

Melody: sure you’ll love it*starts to make several sandwhichs all at once*

Kaze: Kaze walks away and goes toward the fruit

Melody: good idea we need to bring more than just sandwhichs

Kaze: you like apples

Melody: toss some in the bag
opens up backpack and puts several wrapped sandwhiches in the bag

Kaze: you like green or red apples

Melody: whichever doesn’t matter

Kaze: k
takes one of each
too bad it is not closer to lunch and we could not get lunch food
wanna get something to eat before we leave

Melody: grab an extra 2 apples we can have that for lunch while we walk

Kaze: k
I wish this was a normal breakfast

Melody: well beggars’ cannot be choosy
heads out of the dining hall

Kaze: I was not much on American food but Obasan Nadine made me pancakes one time years ago and haven’t had them since

Melody: well maybe during the week tey might make pancakes one day

Kaze: so is the lake near here Kaze tries to get to the door first to open it for Melody

Melody: walking down the path to the lake
yes just down the path and through the trees
points ahead of her

Kaze: k
what were those flowers back there around the build they looked interesting

Melody: huh oh I think those are petunias
the path they are on starts to wind through the trees and you can see little glimpses of the lake

Kaze: Petunia kinda sounds like the name Perpetua

Melody: yea kinda cool huh?
see that path going off in that direction? It will take us to the main beach for the school points off in the direction of the new path

Kaze: these trees look old but it makes sense cause you said the school has been here awhile and that your mom went here right
where does that path go?

Melody: the main path actually goes around the lake and to the boys school eventually but that’s miles around the lake
we won’t be going that far
I am just looking for a specific tree

Kaze: I know I should probably not ask but why a certain tree
Melody are you there?

Melody: my mom and dad marked it

Kaze: waves hand in front of face

Melody: sigh
they put their initials on the tree…
anyway mom and Geneva found it the beach not far from there

Kaze: are you okay

Melody: yea just fine

Kaze: I know what it is like to not have loved ones around you
you will see them again someday

Melody: i know

Kaze: the trees are beautiful
makes me think of the festivals I will mis back home

Melody: There’s the tree!’

Kaze: k

Melody: * on an old oak tree are the initials carved inside of a heart*

Kaze: wow big tree

Melody: okay let’s see if I can remember where to go from here
Melody puts her hand on the big trunk right where the hear was and turned so the that her arm was at a right angle to the rest of her body
okay then we shoudl go that way then

Kaze: are you sure how do you know that

Melody: * Melody proceeded to walk through the woods occasionally having to go around thick bushes but still keeping the same direction*
trust me I listened to mom’s stories of her first date with Dad and he brought her here
they eventually told Geneva and she put up a few markers too in the woods

Kaze: Kaze tried to keep up but her skirt kept getting attacked by the bushes

Melody: See we’re going the right way

Kaze: um

Melody: points to a heart formed from braided vines that was hanging from a nearby tree

Kaze: Melody
I um

Melody: it was about the size of a hand
Melody: what? I promise I won’t get us lost
Melody: we’re on the right track

Kaze: Im kinda stuck in the bush

Melody: oh oops*blushes*

Kaze: well my skirt and the branches

Melody: goes to help Kaze

Kaze: somehow also got tigs/small branches in her hair

Melody: * deftly plucks Kaze’s skirt from the bush and then snags a leaf from her hari*
giggle what am I going to do with you city girl?

Kaze: not me

Melody: once we get there we can cool off in the water

Kaze: I think your American bushes are from Japanese hentai movies
not that I have seen anything like that
says quickly waving her hands

Melody: laughs sure Kaze sure

Kaze: just things I have heard from guys talking

Melody: starts walking back to the lake
come on we only have a little farther to go
I think I see the second sign

Kaze: k
take step forward and hears a slight tearing noise
looks down to see her skirt is torn and then realizes Melody is way in front again

Melody: this time the sign was a circle with a cross in the center, hanging int he same manner

Kaze: so runs to catch up with her

Melody: here’s the second sign

Kaze: that is the sign for Earth

Melody: yep!
see you do know a little of our “american magic”
well ok it’s not really american
The last sign is a star or pentagram and it’s at the beach

Kaze: I studied the western zodiac and some how stumbled on the planetary symbols

Melody: it’s really nice no one can really see it because it’s kinda secluded because of the bushes and the way the lake curves around

Kaze: cause Okasa is American
I wonder if anyone else at school knows about this place

Melody: Mom would never say how Dad found it but Gen thinks he got drunk one night and stumbled down the path trying to get to the girls school and wound up here

Kaze: even hidden I think more than four people would know about it

Melody: well it’s farther than we’re technically suppossed to go from the school

Kaze: oh

Melody: I guess you missed the sign at the lake turnoff, i think it’s because of the boys school but they say it’s because of wild animals

Kaze: what did the sign say

Melody: dunno something about not going off the path because of black bears or something

Kaze: Kaze quickly looks around

Melody: look there’s the sign..the beach should be throught those bushes!
grabs Kaze’s hand and runs through the bushes dragging her along
just throught the bushes is small grassy area that quickly gave way to sand and the lake

Kaze: oww branchs scraps her bare legs that are not covered by the skirt or knee socks

Melody: sorry look!

Kaze: beautiful

Melody: *the beach was in a little cove here the cypress treees were growing in the water on the far wide
Mom said that people think it’s swampy over here because of the trees but for somereason it’s not and it gets shallow by the tress but the middle gets almost 9 feet right before the trees
There’s very little boating and those that do can’t get close to the trees cause it’s shallow and it’s hard to see through those low branches unless you are closer than you can get by a regular boat

Kaze: feels like we are in another world

Melody: Melody walked out on to the sand kicking her flip flops off on the grass with the back and walk out with her hands high to the sun. she closed her eyes and basked in the sun that glowed down

Kaze: Kaze just stands there and watches Meldoy
Kaze thinks Melody has always been a “free spirit” as she put it but here Melody seems different more free to her
Kaze smiles as she watches Melody run
Kaze goes and picks up Melody’s flip flops after she kicks them off

Melody: aaaahhh

  • Melody turns back around and walks to her backpack*

Kaze: what

Melody: well I don’t know about you but I"m going to do some sun worship * Melody pulled out the blanket, spread it on the sunny pactch of grass and threw the bag down on one side

Kaze: great
more naked roommate

Melody: she then proceeded to shuck out of her clothes and laid down on her back

Kaze: Kaze throws Melody’s flip flops at her

Melody: ack
behave you

Kaze: me

Melody: yes you

Kaze: you are the one with no clothes outside

Melody: you threw dirty shoes at me
oh please this is just as private as our room and I’ll bet more so with all the students down at the other beach

Kaze: they were your shoes

Melody: but you threw them on me
now I need to go wash off

Kaze: they hit your legs

Melody: * gets up and walks to the lake and goes in up to her waist before diving all the way in*

Kaze: I am not getting rid of my clothes Kaze sits down on the blanket and smooths her skirt then looks at the torn part

Melody: scaredy cat!

Kaze: no
just not going to thats all

Melody: laughs I knew you would say that
that’s why I put a pair of shorts and a tank top in the bag that you can wear if you want

Kaze: Kaze looks at the nature around here
I don’t know

Melody: I promise I won’t look
starts slowly swimming into the deep water
starts to swim laps in the cove

Kaze: Kaze looks around and then quickly changes
the shorts are baggy on her
stands at the edge of the water

Melody: swimming

  • Melody stops swimming and lays on her back floating int he water*

Kaze: Kaya would love this place not really talking to Melody but talking out loud

Melody: so have you changed yet slightly impatient sounding

Kaze: yeah

Melody: Then come and swim!

Kaze: okay
slowly gets in the water still unsure
about being there

Melody: Melody starts to swim back to Kaze
Stop worrying and enjoy yourself for a change

Kaze: Kaze still looks unsure

Melody: Melody swims up close, and then quickly splashes her with a big wave of water
Okay now your wet so come on in

Kaze: Kaze laughs and splashes back
water war ensues

Melody: So Kaze * as the splashing subsides*

Kaze: yeah

Melody: I was hoping you could help me with something

Kaze: what

Melody: well there’s this spell that Geneva was working on and I wanted to try it out but we didnt
have time before school and I was hoping you could help me with the ritual

Kaze: will you be naked

Melody: I can’t do it by my self
well my back will be bare by necessity

Kaze: do I have to be naked

Melody: laughs harder no

Kaze: okay I will help you

Melody: * climbs out of the water* i’ll need to dry off first and I’ll explain it to you

Kaze: k
follows Melody out of the water

Melody: Gen was telling how to do the spell but I would need some one to actually paint my back
that’s where I need your help

Kaze: paint your back

Melody: yep it’s really cool

Kaze: are you sure you want me to paint your back

Melody: you paint these wings on my back during the ritual and then I can call them forth to fly
well I couldn’t go very far since I’m not that powerful yet
I thought it would be good to do after we got into that tight spot with those ghosts and the dean

Kaze: would we not be messing in the relam of the gods

Melody: no it’s actually a very limited spell
it imbues the ink and causes it to spring to life in this case in the form of the wings

Kaze: is it like a tattoo?
but we are only 14

Melody: yea kinda the ink is very similar to hienna but because of the ritual will last until you call them forth

Kaze: what is hienna

Melody: grabs a small towel from bag and dries off
it’s an ink used in many hindi ceremonies and it’s a very long lasting ink

Kaze: okay

Melody: * melody sets the towel down and pulled the blanket out onto the sand and using a stick proceeded to draw a large circle around the blanket in the sand*

  • she picked up an assortment of crystals and stones from her bag and placed them at different points on the circle*
    she then pulled out an ink bottle and a long handled brush and a photo copy of a pair of angel wings*
    I got this picture online, the wings should be big enough to hold double my weight once the spell is triggered

Kaze: I am not good at painting so if I paint the wings wrong don’t get mad at me I warned you

Melody: take your time, the brush is thin so just think of it as a pen
Melody laid down on the blanket with the towel on her waist and began to slowly start humming

Kaze: you wants this covering your whole back?

Melody: a good majority of it at least

Kaze: okay
takes the ink and brush and begins lighting drawing an outline on Melody’s back

Melody: while you do that I will meditate and create the energies for the spell

Kaze: okay

Melody: starts to chant quietly, a slight humming can soon be heard from the stones in the circle

Kaze: not realizing Kaze softly hums to herself as she draws on Melody’s back
after Kaze has the outline draw she looks at Melody’s back and absently runs finger down her back

Melody: suddenly the humming raises to a crescendo and the stones slowly start to levitate off the sand, Melody is still chanting, focused ont he spell

  • slight whitish line can be seen connecting the stones creating a visible pentagram and circle instead the larger circle *

Kaze: not sure what is going on Kaze momentarily stops painting
then realizes it is Melody doing it and not someone attacking

Melody: The ink Kaze is using starts to glow faintly

Melody: * Melody stops chanting but the stones remain levitated and humming and the ink still glows*

Kaze: um Melody

Melody: takes a deep breath yes

Kaze: is the ink suppose to be glowing

Melody: yes, sorry I dont’ have to chant anymore til it’s done but …I still ….have to …concentrate…

Kaze: gomen
Kaze goes back to painting Melody’s back

Melody: it’s ok…
why does..Kaya make you …so sad..
I’m sorry….I can feel your pain especially more so while we are joined by the ritual

Kaze: though you had to concentrate

Melody: I do’s getting easier’s only hard to talk ..sometimes
I just have to keep …part of my mind.. on the stones and the focus of the circle
it’s..easier now

Kaze: Kaya was a good friend
my only real friend
I miss her


Kaze: Kaze continues to paint

Melody: let me know when you finish

Kaze: almost done

Melody: why…were you forced to come to america?

Kaze: I dishonored my father

Melody: how

Kaze: he found out I was in a relationship and did not like that person

Melody: oh thats not so bad though
were your parents strict?

Kaze: you know nothing about Japanese culture do you
Kaze gives a small laugh

Melody: no not a whole bunch

Kaze: ones honor is important
if the child does something dishonorable the father could loose his standing in society

Melody: but dating someone shouldn’t have been that bad
did they get you in trouble with the police or something?

Kaze: who

Melody: whoever you were dating

Kaze: no
Father just did not approve

Melody: laughs welcome to America, parents never approve of their kids all the time

Kaze: Father thought the person I was with lead me into the relationship
I guess all kids can never live up to what their parents want for them
I was suppose to help run the shrine when I grew older and I wanted to
guess that will not happen now

Melody: Well, if you didn’t become a criminal I dont’ see what the big deal is
but then I guess I more relaxed I guess
How much more is left?

Kaze: sorry got lost in talking to you
Im done

Melody: okay…starts chanting again and slowly sits up and rocks back until she can sit Indian style

Kaze: Im not sure how it looks

Melody: * she sits nake and sets her hands palm up on her knees, still chanting steadily*
The crystals start humming louder, like insects buzzing, and start to glow

Kaze: you wanna eat soon

Melody: * the wind starts to pick up and Melody stands up and her hair starts to whip lightly around*

Kaze: Kaze sits and watches

Melody: still chanting Melody slowly seems to float up with the wind

  • the chanting starts to getting faster, it’s in a language that Kaze can’t recognize*

Kaze: Kaze stands up as things fly around her

Melody: * Melody lifts her hands as she floats with the wind and crystals*

Kaze: starts to reach out to Melody but then dosen’t

Melody: Melody suddenly switches to English in her chanting

Kaze: are you okay Kaze’s words get lost in the wind

Melody: I beseach you wind to carry me on these wings went the time should come,
Imbue all your strength and might
so that your child can achieve flight

  • Melody suddenly shouts more unrecognizable words and suddenly in a flurry of white feathers, wings burst from her back*
    and the wind dies down and the crystals are back on the ground and Melody is just under the tree line and slowly returns to Earth and alights on the sand
    Thank you wind * Melody murmers quietly*

Kaze: Kaze stands there with her mouth slightly open staring at Melody

Melody: then with a sudden rush the wings seem to get sucked in her back and what Kaze had drawn is now replaced with an even larger representation of wings that continues down her back and butt with the very longest feathers o reaching her down her thighs
Whooooa! that was a rush! * Melody feel to her knees in the sand*
I think I need that sandwhich now

Kaze: Kaze still standing there not moving

Melody: looks up to see Kaze motionless
oh, I guess I should get dressed….

Kaze: Kaze still not responding

Melody: oh crap, * gets to her backpack* did I scare you? Great now you think I"m a freak too

Kaze: no you were beautiful

Melody: starts pulling on her clothes starting with her jeans, and sits down on the blanket with a sandwhich
oh, yea I wasn’t expecting that bit of display, I guess the wind wanted to be playful. The elements are hard to predict. I guess that’s why Geneva wanted to do the spell with me

Kaze: Kaze moves behind Melody and changes from the shorts and shirt borrowed from Melody back into her school uniform

Melody: Man I’m beat

Kaze: Kaze set on the blanket beside Melody and looked out at the water

Melody: I wonder if that usually happens or if it’s because of the telekinesis * she seems to be pondering outloud*

Kaze: telekinesis?

Melody: that would explain why it has to out side…though it is considered one of the Pequot’s nature communion spells… hmm
oh I’m sorry sorry what did you say?

Kaze: you mentioned telekinesis

Melody: oh yea * Melody holds out her hand and the crystals that were still in the sand came quickly to her and began to slowly float above her hand while she used the other hand to eat her sandwhich*

Kaze: cool
Kaze looks back at the trees around them

Melody: yea
here I want you to have this * a stone slowly floats to Kaze while the rest zoom back into the back pack*
It’s a moonstone
It’s the embodiment of the moon and her goddess and is said to help balance women. Maybe it will help you get over your lose of friends and moving here with all us freaks

Kaze: I wish I could be back at the shrine for the festival
every year we have a festival at the shrine
in the autumn and in the spring
the cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring
I remember going with my family to sit by the river and look at the trees
kinda like we are now
Kaze realizes there is a stone floating in front of her and takes it

Melody: passes Kaze a peanut butter sandwhich and an apple and lays back to look a the clouds in teh sky
Melody: Thanks for the help by the way, I couldn’t have done it without you

Kaze: *Kaze gets a far away look when Melody says ‘the lose of your friend’ *
you are not a freak although it is strange how Kari disappeared

Melody: eh maybe she went home for the weekend

Kaze: Kaze takes the sandwich and apple placing it beside her and takes a bite of the sandwhich
Kaze holding the sandwhich with her left hand and propped up on her right hand her right hand brushes Melody’s left hand
oh sorry
quickly moves her hand away from Melody

Melody: huh? oh
no worries, I don’t have cooties * smiles at Kaze*

Kaze: you look tired
Kaze smiled back at Melody

Melody: yeah I might take take a nap before we go back to the school, I guess we can go to the library when we get back

Kaze: I don’t have a blanket to cover you with this time
Kaze does not realize she says this aloud

Melody: uh what

Kaze: what

Melody: what did you say>

Kaze: nothing I was just thinking

Melody: ok

Kaze: suddenly Kaze shoots straight up into a sitting position

Melody: whats wrong?

Kaze: what day is it? Aug what?

Melody: um the 22nd I think

Kaze: Kaze gets a panicked look on her face
I forgot the Bon Festival

Melody: what?
the what?

Kaze: Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirits of our ancestors. Even though I am Shinto shrine madien we still practice it. I have never forgotten to honor Obasan Clarice and Ojisan Koji.
Kaze looks if she is going to cry

Melody: oh

  • melody puts her hand on Kaze’s and squeezes*
    can we honor them now?

Kaze: here in a different country and in this school I totally forgot
I guess it would be okay as if I had remembered I would not be able to go to the festival and perform it properly
Kaze gets up and walks out on the sand kneeling facing the trees and her back to the water
first she leans forward with her hands on the sand and head almost touching the sand
Gomen Ojisan Koji and Obasan Clarice
speaks in Japanese

Melody: * Melody quietly watches*

Kaze: I beg your forgiveness in forgetting the Bon Festival
Kaze sits up and stares into the sky
I will do as proper of a ceremony as I can
I hope mother and father honored you this year with the dance
Please watch over me as you always have
I will leave you food tonight before I rest
Kaze claps her hands together twice and before bowing with her head almost touching the sand again
then she sit back up
stands and walks back to Melody
I hope I have not dishonored them making them think I have forgotten them

Melody: I think they should know your true feelings

Kaze: I have there pictures back in our room they are on my dresser

Melody: cool

Kaze: I ask them to watch over me everyday before I begin my day
you still tired from the spell
should we head back so you can take a nap before we go to the library

Melody: yes, I wouldn’t mind a midday nap

Kaze: if you still wanna go there

Melody: we could nap here

Kaze: but um

Melody: but I guess we should be getting back

Kaze: Kaze does know what to say
I bet this place would be beautiful at night with a full moon

Melody: knowing me I’d not want to wake up
I’ll have to see whenit is
well, I’ll back up our stuff

Kaze: so do you wanna take a nap here or head back
not paying attention that Melody is packing
too busy looking at the Moonstone Melody gave her

Melody: you’re right we should prolly get back
I’d hate to forget to go to the library and I might forget if I stay out here

Kaze: sleeping out here under the sun you will probably get burned

Melody: I don’t usually burn

Kaze: okay lets head back
but do we have to go through the possessed woods

Melody: yea

Kaze: great more scratches

Melody: Now, that I know where it is I can find a way to avoid the bad stuff

Kaze: the branches tore my skirt on the way here

  • * * *

Kaze: Melody you awake

Melody: hmmm
no Gen I don’t want to go to work…

Kaze: Melody

Melody: uhhhh…

Kaze: throws pillow at Melody from across the room

Melody: aaaaaahhhh
I’m up I’m up!
Sorry I was a bit worn out

Kaze: Kaze sits on her bed laughing
first time she has really laughed since she has gotten there

Melody: hey stop laughing throws pillow back at Kaze

Kaze: you looked funny
Kaze catches the pillow
you still wanna go catch out the library

Melody: yea lemme throw my clothes back on

Kaze: Kaze is still wearing her school uniform

Melody: Melody hops out of bed wearing just her undies, and threw on her jeans and shirt from earlier
Well, let’s get going

Kaze: k
follows Melody out the door
so which way was the library

Melody: That way I think points remember we went the other night

Kaze: kinda shakes at the memory of the fire
oh that is the same place
trying to forget it

Melody: yea, I still need to call my aunts about what happen

Kaze: okay
so what is the librarian like?
did you say she was a family friend?

Melody: I don’t know, Gen didn’t say much beyond that she got along with her and let her look in the “hidden library” it’s got a lot of occult books we can reference
Hopefully knowing my aunt will help us

Kaze: cool

Melody: continues down the hall, going to the library

Kaze: Kaze doesn’t see really excited about the library now that she remebers what happened last time she was there

Melody: I think we’re almost there

Kaze: okay
sees two double doors but strangely there are not burn marks on them

Melody: Pushes open the doors to the library I wonder if she’s in her office?

Kaze: I don’t know
I don’t see her

Melody: I think her office was that way points
walks over to the door

Kaze: okay

Ms Davis: *as you walk into the the libary, you see a woman….

Kaze: Is that her Melody

Melody: Ms Davis?
walks to the woman she suspects is Ms Davis

Ms Davis: straightening up the libarry. There are chairs and tables that were thrown around

Melody: Oh hi! I’m Melody Harris
Do you remember my aunt Geneva Harris?

Ms Davis: I do not understand why learning must be so messy

Kaze: Kaze does not say anything

Melody: well maybe it’s because knowledge can’t be neat and tidy?

Ms Davis: oh no knowledge can be neat and tidy that is why we have the dewey decil system

Kaze: Kaze is kinda over whelmed by Ms Davis

Melody: but the dewey decimal system was devised by man to organize the knowledge of the universe

Ms Davis: ms davis is trying very hard to upright a large table, the one that u two thrown around.

Melody: walks over to help Ms Davis, grabs one end of the table

Kaze: Kaze follows

Melody: This is Kaze Yamishita, Ms Davis

Ms Davis: oh thank you, for ur hand

Melody: She’s my roommate

Kaze: Kaze bows after they set the table back up

Melody: So my aunt Gen said that you had a lot of “knowledge” and that you helped her a bit in school

Kaze: then looks around neverously like she is looking for something

Ms Davis: *says “hello/good morning” in Japanese and bow slightly

Kaze: Kaze gives a slight smile

Ms Davis: Well, I am tale keeper, and she, ur aunt, help me out a lot more.

Melody: Do you remember my aunt Ms. Davis?

Ms Davis: yes, she was one of my lib. service assistants.

Kaze: Kaze sliently listens to the conversation

Ms Davis: one of my best, the only one I trusted.

Melody: yea, she said she worked with you alot
well, I was hoping that I could do what my Aunt did to help you

Ms Davis: she has a honest face. But you look like u got a lil bit of another girl in you.
Well, Library service is open for any student, here at St P’s.

Melody: My mom was Renee Campbell, I’m told I have her eyes

Ms Davis: Those eyes ……

Melody: Do we have to sign up for the library assistant or do you just pick?
what about my eyes?

Ms Davis: I can see Renee in them, when i look at them….why can’t I see myself in your eyes?"
You are Renee’s child, are you not child?

Melody: maybe you can’t see yourself because they’re eyes, not mirrors
Um, Yes ma’am

Ms Davis: Most just sign up, I only pick the chosen few….

Melody: ok where do we sign up?

Kaze: Kaze still stands there not knowing what to do

Melody: I mean, you do want to sign up too Kaze right?

Ms Davis: you can talk to ur counselor about it..
talk to ur counselor about it..

Kaze: ummm sure

Ms Davis: ahh, the colorful mouse speaks

Kaze: Kaze quickly bows her head

Melody: Kaze’s no mouse

Kaze: looking that the floor

Ms Davis: nibble, nibble like mice, do you like rice?

Kaze: yes

Melody: whispers to Kaze wow she’s interesting

Ms Davis: a little giggle with her hand in front of her mouth

Kaze: if that is the word you would use Kaze whispers back

Ms Davis: Go ah ma sigh

Melody: Um well, where do we sign up Ms. Davis?

Kaze: Kaze has to smile that Ms Davis is trying to speak her language but also slightly cringes at the American accent in the Japanese
whispers to Melody are you sure this is a good idea

Ms Davis: Oh my, look at us lazy ….mice or is that grasshopper…..

Melody: whispers sure, how else are we going to get to the library?

Kaze: I do not understand

Ms Davis: Why do we not be like busy ants and get this job done, these tables and chairs will not move them self…or will they….

Kaze: whispers to Melody I am starting to think I could have gotten a worse roommate than you

Melody: sighs sure let’s get these tables sorted out starts putting chairs in order
whisper hehe you ain’t lying

Kaze: What should I do Davis-sensei

Ms Davis: and looks at you two.
ok, you help her with these and let me ..

Kaze: looks at Melody for directions

Melody: points at the chairs I think they go over there

Ms Davis: straighten up my office, one of my assistant left a bit of a mess and reboot the computers, it look like someone left them on all night.
do not know why they were looking at old newspapers about that terrible fire.

Kaze: yes Sensei
Kaze walks over to some chairs and begin putting them on top fo the table

Melody: I will help you in the office Kaze!

Ms Davis: those poor kids. Sometimes I would read a book to them as if they could even hear.
me form the other side, that is funny, but sometimes

Kaze: Uh Melody I thought we were suppose to help out here and she was cleaning her office
Kaze slightly yells cause Melody ran off in the direction of the office

Ms Davis: I would hear some one laughing at the funny parts or could it be just one of the students laughing at me.

Melody: I guess when can help her in the office when we get done out here

Kaze: okay I know you wanna talk to her

Ms Davis: oh, I work on the computers just put the newspapers away….

Melody: whisper I mostly want another looko at those books
ok starts to put away newspapers

Kaze: where does this go Kaze held up a thick book

Melody: looks at the spine over there in the P seciton

Ms Davis: *goes in the office and sits at her desk slipping from her teacup.

Kaze: looks back at the office
Melody she is not cleaning just sitting there drinking tea

Ms Davis: Wait! That one goes in here!

Melody: hmm?

Ms Davis: be very careful with that one
how did that 1 et out?

Kaze: Kaze jumps and almost drops the book

Ms Davis: get

Melody: oh sorry, didnt think this was different
it has the same system on the spine as the rest

Kaze: Kaze quickly hands the book to Ms Davis and bows

Ms Davis: that is one from our special collection

Kaze: I’m sorry

Melody: oops

Ms Davis: you did not know, it they are suppose to be under lock and ey…

Kaze: Kaze starts to speak but Melody looks at her quickly

Ms Davis: key

Melody: really?
why would they be locked?

Kaze: because they are not ment for us

Ms Davis: they are rare books

Melody: why are they rare?

Ms Davis: and use also used for reference amterial only. we do not want them walking off….
like “My body and me” books….

Kaze: Kaze blushes

Melody: my body and me? what’s that?

Kaze: quickly looks at something else

Ms Davis: it is a sex ed book that you will need in your junior or senoir yr….

Melody: oh…

Kaze: Kaze blushes again still not looking their direction

Ms Davis: or for some earlier
and some we miss already….

Melody: didn’t know why a sex ed book would be locked up

Kaze: where does this go Kaze quickly picks up another book to change the subject

Ms Davis: Oh mouse, i hope you get to take a peak before u graduate.

Melody: what else do we need to put away for you Ms Davis?

Ms Davis: * looks at Kaze*

Kaze: Davis-sensei?

Ms Davis: oh sorry, are sensitive about that.

Melody: what does the cover say?

Ms Davis: no not the sex ed book but the rare books.
they cost a penny and some are old and frailage

Melody: oh what are the rare books? I like books

Ms Davis: u know 1st edtions and
century old books

Kaze: What are the books about

Melody: yea what are they about?

Ms Davis: some are in forgian languages

Kaze: Japanese?

Melody: Can I look at them sometime?

Ms Davis: sure but not sure you be able to read ancient Summerian.

Melody: sweet!
hmmm well a little extra home doens’t hurt

Kaze: only you would like more homework

Melody: ssshhh…

Kaze: well

Ms Davis: *She goes to her desk and opens a drawer. She pulls out a small anitque key on a pretty keyring.

Kaze: Kaze smiles to herself as Melody’s eyes go big

Melody: O.O

Ms Davis: you have a honest face like your father…

Melody: I guess it’s good to know that I look like them

Ms Davis: you’ll have to share this with Mouse. But that what roomies do….. share

Kaze: Kaze whisphers to herself Is there anyone around here who doesn’t know your parents

Melody: I dunno*whispers back*

Ms Davis: and then she pulls out another keyring, more modern.

Melody: thank you so much Ms. Davis! I will tell Gen that your generousity is still the thing of legends

Ms Davis: These are for the school doors of the lib. and my office.
she then goes back and locks up her desk.

Kaze: thank you Kaze bows

Melody: uh yes… thank you bows like Kaze

Ms Davis: This is my desk, it is like my dairy. rescept it

Kaze: yes

Melody: yesm

Ms Davis: if you get hungery mouse and get caught in a trap here I know nothing, it will be between you and the big cat.

Melody: big cat??

Kaze: Kaze looks confused

Ms Davis: says in teachery voice
School policy says that the library is off limits after hours

Melody: aaah

Kaze: hai!

Melody: thank you again for your help Ms Davis
anything we can help you with before we go to dinner?

Ms Davis: yes, you better be going there must be some group buildiing exercise you might be missing

Kaze: thank you sensei Kaze bows again

Melody: yes’m

Ms Davis: nothing we got the place all tidy up.

Kaze: Melody and Kaze leave the library after thanking Ms Davis again

  • * * *

Kaze: yeah
Kaze and Melody leaving the headmistress’ office

Melody: what? dumb stupid seniors

Kaze: what was that all about

Melody: uh what? what was what about?

Kaze: what was said
what coach Clark said

Melody: what did she say? I really don’t remember? I wasn’t really paying attention at that point

Kaze: she asked you what happened
where you defending your girlfriend

Melody: I dunno, I just figured she was trying to make some stupid lesbian joke
dumb woman

Kaze: she said that she played softball too and knew what went on in the dorms
Kaze’s stops walkin

Melody: stupid American inuendo
I wouldn’t worry about it.

Kaze: stupid lesbian barely a whisper
looks hurt

Melody: People can think whatever they want. I don’t care

Kaze: melody doesn’t realize Kaze has stopped walking

Melody: huh stops and turns around what’s wrong?
dont let people say bug you

Kaze: kaze just looks at Melody
hurt expression on her face

Melody: what’s wrong?
common let’s get back to the room

Kaze: Kaze starts walking again but is quite

Melody: You have to learn to just ignore people. They think what they want to

  • gets to their room*

Kaze: so you don’t like lesbians

Melody: huh, why would you say that/

Kaze: you said stupid lesbian joke

Melody: yes she made some stupid joke about lesbianism.
it was really crude and out of context

Kaze: oh
so you don’t hate lesbians
they are people
they don’t hurt anyone for who they love
spoken quickly

Melody: No, I hate labels and they people who use those labels to hurt
There is nothing wrong with love.
hell, you can love whoever you want

Kaze: would you still say that if you had to live with one

Melody: Gen doesn’t want me to know about some of the more intense rituals but Angelica has told me that there have been some quite rowdy ones int he past
Hell, I practically do

Kaze: kaze falls off her bed

Melody: Angelica has been with men and women she told me but known ever caught her heart some of the women back in town call her an old maid and try to say the Geneva will follow in her footsteps. They don’t understand that Angelica & Geneva has so much love to give that they couldn’t confine it to one person that’s why they make such good leaders of the coven do you have an inner problem or something, you’re always falling off the bed?

Kaze: kaze blushes but Melody doesn’t see her blush cause the bed covers
so you wouldn’t care if your roommate was a lesbian

Melody: no why should I?

Kaze: we better hurry or we will miss the bus

Melody: goes to change and throws school uniform across her bed and starts grabbing some jeans and peasant top to put on
so do you not like lesbians or something?
Is that what this is about?

Kaze: Kaze grabs Melody and rushes her out the door so they won’t miss the bus trying to avoid the question

  • * * *

Kaze: later that night at Sleep Downs
Melody Kaze whispers

Melody: umm Melody wrapped in sleeping bags

Kaze: -don’t know but I figured we would be in Kaze’s grandfather’s room and he would already be asleep it is not like the retirement home would have extra rooms arouns so I guess we are with Kaze’s grandpa and two other two are with Tabby’s grandma no telling where Suzie and Mia are-
you remember what we were talking about earlier

Melody: uhh what were we talking about?* sounds a bit sleepy/drowsy^

Kaze: I don’t have a problem with lesbians

Melody: why would you have a problem with lesbians yawn
not quite remembering the earlier conversation

Kaze: I asked you what Coach Clark ment about the comment about you saving your girlfriend and you said stupid lesbian joke and I thought you didn’t like lesbians and then you asked me if I had a problem with lesbians but then the bus came and then we were here

Melody: oh…you were just asking a lot of questions for someone who doesn’t have a problem with lesbians

Kaze: umm
I was just umm
I was worried you might have a problem with lesbians
I mean living with one

Melody: why do you care?

Kaze: feels like Melody is getting defensive

Melody: If you are worried that people will think we’re lesbians just ignore them. Who cares.

Kaze: would that be bad thinks she whispers it to herself

Melody: why would it be bad? I would think you wouldn’t care what peopel think.

Kaze: what Kaze starts to figet suprised that Melody heard her

Melody: why do you care what people think. Hell, even if you are a lesbian don’t let them get to you. That’s why they do things like that
To get under your skin. They wouldn’t know one way or another unless you give them a clue

Kaze: Kaze doesn’t know what to say or how to say it but reaches for Melody’s hand

Melody: hmnm?

Kaze: so you really don’t care

Melody: No, everyone is the same in the grand scheme of things
Why should I care if someone liked girls more than guys?
Nothing wrong with that

Kaze: thank you Kaze whispers but Melody hears her
thank you Kami

Melody: why thank you?

Kaze: Kaze took a deep breath
for accepting me

Melody: uhh what do you mean oblivious as usual

Kaze: Kaze doesn’t say anything but just looks at Melody still holding her hand

Melody: Kaze?

Kaze: yeah Kaze whisperes trying to control herself and not let a tear slip
doesn’t understand why this means so much to her

Melody: what’s wrong?

Kaze: also is surprised she told someone here after she told herself she would keep it a secret
you don’t hate me
voice shaking

Melody: why would I hate you

Kaze: because
of who I like

Melody: click!
oh wait are you trying to tell me that you like girls…that you’re a lesbian?

Kaze: yeah
Kaze lets go of Melody’s hand
Kaze starts to turn away
to sleep on her other side with her back to Melody

Melody: why? everything today makes sense..pokes Kaze in the ribs hey we’re still talking here
It’s obvious you were worried

Kaze: Kaze squirms
rolls back to face Melody
to listen to her

Melody: why were worried?

Kaze: I said I wasn’t going to tell anyone here
not after last time

Melody: why? ….is that why you ..came here?

Kaze: yeah
parents found out
torn me away from everything I knew
away from her
also why my hair is shorter now

Melody: wow that really sucks…no wonder you didn’t like coming here

Kaze: some girls who I thought were my friends held me down one day after school
one girl
Kaze: she wanted to
Kaze quit talking and started shaking

Melody: she…wanted to what?

Kaze: burn my hair off
this other girl just pulled me by my hair so far I thought my neck would break

Melody: whoa

Kaze: then she cut it
said I needed to look like a freak that I was

Melody: reaches and grabs Kaze’s hand again and squeezes

Kaze: said that I forced myself on Kaya
Kaze keeps shakings
like she is crying

Melody: oh Kaze….squeezes hand

Kaze: squeezes Melody’s hand back

Melody: It’s okay…Not everyone is like that. It’s not that great in America but most of us are better than that. Moore acepting

Kaze: thank…….you

Melody: We’re friends…roommates
Hell think of you as a sister almost

Kaze: Kaze realizes Melody’s face is closer than she thought it was and tried to back up some
a sister?

Melody: You’re the closest friend I’ve really had

Kaze: Kaze still feels their faces are too cloes and tries to move back some
sorry for keeping you up Melody I will let you go to sleep

Melody: that’s okay..
I’m glad you told me

Kaze: faces inches apart
I guess I will get back over to my space

Melody: wipes tear from Kaze’s cheek
come hear * pulls Kaze close into a hug*

Kaze: Kaze smells Melody hair
kaze hugs her back
if you let go I will go back to my bag and we can get to sleep

Melody: nope, sisters are there for each other…and you are still hurt and I’m going to make it better

Kaze: Kaze blushes unsure if Melody can see her blush
in the dim light
hoping Melody does not see her blush

Melody: You’ll like it in American, I’ll see to that

Kaze: okay
see you tomorrow kaze whispered in her ear as they lay there

Melody: hugs her tight night Kaze, it’ll be okay I promise

Kaze's Backstory

Yamashita Kaze sat in gym class listening to Yomato-sensei tell them that they were going to be doing for that class period. Saki poked Kaze in the back. “What now,” she thought. Saki was kind of a friend but that was something about her that annoyed Kaze. Kaze brushed her long hair over shoulder and turned around to look at Saki.

Saki’s brown eyes lit up. “I want you to meet the new girl.”

“Great,” Kaze thought, “another one of her friends,” but instead she said, “yeah sure.”

Saki pointed to a girl in the back of the group with shoulder length straight black hair and glasses. “Her name is Himuro Kaya.”

“She is cute,” Kaze thought.

“Yamashita-san pay attention,” Yomato called attention to her.

“Gomen sensei,” Kaze replied.

  • * * *

“Kaze,” Saki grabbed her arm after class and drug her toward Kaya as they were walking to the locker room to change. “Kaya this is Yamashita Kaze.”

Kaze bowed to the girl noticing that she was a few inches shorter than Kaze’s 5’ 3" and that she was not as skinny as a chopstick. “Insanely thin girls are not pretty anyway,” she thought.

“Hi,” Kaya replied. “I just moved here.”

“Where did you live before moving to Koto?” Kaze asked.

“We should all exchange numbers,” Saki beamed jumping up and down.

“Yeah,” Kaze agreed as she followed Saki and Kaya into the locker to change. “So what classes are you in Kaya?” Kaze listened as Kaya talked as they changed.

“Isn’t it great,” Saki replied happily. “The three of us are in the same class, 3-D.”

“Yeah,” Kaze said not really listening to Saki ramble on. “Kaya you want me to carry that for you?”

“Nah I got it,” replied Kaya with a smile.

  • * * *

“Kaze wait up,” Kaya yelled as Kaze slipped on her indoor shoes and put on her regular shoes at she was getting ready to leave school for the day.

“Yeah,” Kaze replied turning around to notice it was Kaya who had called to her. “Hey,” Kaze instantly felt a smile come to her face.

“I forgot to give you my number this morning.” Kaya held out a piece of torn paper to Kaze.

Kaze grabbed her notebook from her bag and ripped out a sheet of paper and scribbled down her number. “Here is my number,” she said handing it to Kaya. “Which way is your house?” Kaze asked as they walked out the front of Higashi Middle School.

“The bus I have to catch is over on,” answered Kaya.

“I go in the opposite direction,” Kaze told her. “I live at the Kameido Tenjin Shinto Shrine.” (Kameid Tenjin Shinto Shrine is located in Kameido, Koto ward, Tokyo)

“Okay see you tomorrow,” Kaya waved and ran off.

  • * * *

Kaze lay on her bed with her head in Kaya’s lap. “It seems like I have known you forever but we have only known each other a few months and it seems you have spent almost every Friday night over here at the shrine.” Kaze paused.

“What’s wrong?” Kaya asked not realize she was stroking Kaze’s hair. “You seem different lately.”

“There are rumors going around school,” Kaze finally spoke.

“Yeah started by the stupid boys,” Kaya huffed.

“Have you heard the rumors?” Kaze asked. “I mean really heard them?” Kaze opened her eyes and looked right into Kaya’s brown eyes which were looking down at her. “They say we are lesbians.”

“Because we hang around each other so much,” Kaya asked. “That is what friends do.”

“Yeah friends,” Kaze sighed and looked away. “When did I start feeling like this?”

“Kaze,” Kaya spoke the miko’s name softly.

“Yeah,” replied Kaze in the same soft tone as she gaze moved back to Kaya’s face and their eyes locked.

“Would it,” Kaya began with her hand still tangled in Kaze’s long raven locks.

Kaze’s crows, , cawed outside her window breaking the silence.

“Would it be so bad?” Kaya finally asked.

“Kaya,” was the only thing Kaze said as she sat up and looked out the window at her crows.

Not getting an answer from Kaze, Kaya stood to leave. “Sorry,” she whispered and grabbed her bag from the floor as she headed towards the door.

Kaze bolted from the bed and caught Kaya’s left wrist as her right hand was ready to open Kaze’s bedroom door. Kaya turned to face the miko as Kaze’s lips met hers causing the shorter girl the drop her bag but unsure what to do with her right hand. Kaze broke the kiss and stepped back still holding Kaya’s left wrist with her right hand. “No it wouldn’t be so bad,” she smiled.

  • * * *

Kaze and Kaya were sitting under the Sakura trees during lunch sharing bentos they had made. “You have a piece of rice,” Kaze said reaching up to brush away the rice from Kaya’s face. After brushing the rice away Kaze’s hand lingered on the side of Kaya’s face and pulled the girl into a kiss which Kaya quickly broke.

“What if someone saw us?” Kaya whispered.

“Who, we are the only ones out here,” Kaze replied as the bell rang for them to head back to class.

Saki watched the two girls leave from behind a bush.

  • * * *

After school Kaya and Kaze were leaving and Kaze had her arm around Kaya. Noticing there was not that many people in the front of the school yard Kaze smiled and pulled Kaya into some thick bushes up against the school wall. Both girls dropped their bags as they kissed each other. After a little while Kaya broke the kiss laughing. “You are going to make me miss the bus again.”

“So,” Kaze smiled.

“So,” Kaya side back to her hitting her lightly on the arm. “I have to hurry.” She picked up her bag and started to run. “Kaze, don’t forget you promised to wait for me tomorrow since archery club and rehearsal for end of the year cultural festival play our class is putting on end of the same time.”

“Yeah I know,” Kaze yelled after her.

“I will never understand how you got out of the play since it is class effort,” Kaya said acting mad.

“I can’t act but I will be the one ushering people in after the archery exhibit the archery club is doing,” Kaze replied.

“You are making me late again Yamashita,” Kaya yelled and ran off while Kaze just smiled and watched her go.

  • * * *

The next day Kaze stood in the hall waiting for Kaya to finish rehearsing as she saw Saki walk up with some other girls from their class, “Hey Saki.”

“Don’t act like nothing happened,” Saki said angrily. “I saw you the other day.”

“What are you talking about?” Kaze asked.

“Yesterday at lunch,” Saki insisted.

“I saw her after school yesterday,” the girl the Saki’s left said.

“Yeah,” the girl on the right said. “Kaya couldn’t get away from you quick enough.”

“What did you try and do to her?” demanded Saki. “Are you trying to turn her into a dyke like you are?”

“I think she needs to look like a dyke don’t you, Mai” the girl on the right asked.

“Yeah, Chaki,” agreed the girl on the left as she pulled out a pack of matches and tossed them to Saki.

“Saki,” Kaze said looking at the girl who had changed so much from the girl she had known earlier in the year. Kaze had to admit she did not know her as well as she did because about a month after the school year had started Kaze started hanging out with Kaya most of the time while Saki had made friends with some other girls in class.

Saki said nothing but smiled as she caught the matches. Mai and Chaki rushed toward Kaze pinning her arms behind her and forcing her to the ground on her knees so all she could see before her was the marble floor. Saki jerked Kaze’s face in her hand so she was staring at the burning match. “Your hair does not match who you are,” Saki said disgustedly. “I think it should be shorter. Maybe I should just burn it off?” Saki held the match closer to Kaze’s face as she willed herself not to cry.

“Crying is for the weak,” Kaze mentally told herself. Kaze felt someone pull on her hair knowing it much have been the third girl with Saki but she could not think of the girl’s name. Kaze heard what sounded like metal and then a tearing sound as the grip on her hair slowly loosen but occasionally her head was yanked back at an angle she knew it should not go.

“I hear someone coming,” one of the girls whispered to Saki.

“Let’s go,” she ordered and began to run off as the other two girls let her arms go.

Kaze laid there willing herself not to cry as her hair fell around her. Opening her eyes Kaze realized there was more of her hair pooled around her on the floor than there should have been. Her hands quickly flew up to her head and she quickly found her hair only went to about her chin. Also hearing footsteps Kaze grabbed as much of her hair as she could and ran to the nearest girl’s room. Once there she threw her hair in the trash and looked in the mirror as tears ran down her face. Not wanting Kaya to see her like this she quickly left the school grounds and headed to the shrine locking herself in her room and crying herself to sleep.

  • * * *

“Kaze dinner,” Yamashita Nadine knocked on her door.

Waking quickly Kaze changed from her school uniform, brushed her hair without looking in the mirror and wiped her face. When Kaze walked into the kitchen her parents started at her and her mother dropped the bowl she was carrying to the table.

“What did you do to your hair?” demanded her mother.

“Tradition,” Yamashita Takashi yelled. “The women at this shrine have long hair.”

Kaze did not know what to say. She did not want to deal with her parents or anyone else right now. “I am not hungry,” she said and hurried from the kitchen back to her room and once again fell asleep on her bed crying.

  • * * *

Kaze did not go to school the next day so after school Kaya skipped rehearsal for the play saying she was not feeling well and went to the shrine. “Kaze,” she said softly as she opened the miko’s door to find her lying in her bed with the blanket over her head.

Kaze pulled the covers tighter around her. “Go away. I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“Like what?” Kaya asked putting her bag down and coming closer to her girlfriend’s bed. “Kaze please talk to me. You weren’t at school today and you didn’t wait for me yesterday after rehearsal ended. What is wrong?”

“No,” Kaze mumbled.

“Please,” Kaya begged pulling on the blanket. Kaya stared at Kaze’s hair. “What happened?” Kaya reached out to touch Kaze’s hair but she pulled away.

“Don’t touch me,” Kaze yelled.

Kaya flinched but reached for Kaze again. “I love you. Talk to me.”

Kaze looked at Kaya with tears in her eyes and curled up into Kaya’s open arms. “Saki, Mai, Chaki, and another I could not see. Held me down and cut my hair. I think Saki wanted to burn my hair off. Saki saw us kissing the other day and Chaki saw you and me after school. They think I am trying to turn you.”

Kaya held Kaze tight and stroked her hair. “You can’t turn me when I was already like you,” Kaya smiled.

“I love you too,” Kaze whispered as Kaya slid down to lay beside Kaze. Kaya kept stoking Kaze’s hair as they stared into each others eyes. “I want to kiss you so much right now.”

“Me too,” Kaya whispered as their lips brushed each other into a passionate kiss.

  • * * *

“Kaze,” a knock came on her door, “time to get up and do your chores before school.” Not getting a response from her daughter Nadine opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks. “What the hell is going on here?” she yelled seeing her daughter in the arms of her friend Himaru Kaya.

“Mom,” Kaze said bolting up in bed along with Kaya, “this is not what you think.”

“What I think,” Nadine continued to yell, “is that my daughter has been turned into a lesbian.” Nadine quickly strolled toward her daughter’s bed and yanked Kaya to her feet by her hair. “You get away from my daughter.” Nadine drug Kaya by her arm through the part of the shrine that was their home and roughly threw her out. “I never want to see you here again or around my daughter.”

“Mother please,” Kaze yelled running behind her mother trying to get to Kaya.

“Kaze go to your room,” Nadine ordered. “You are not to see her anymore.”

“No mom,” Kaze cried. “I love her!”

“No you do not!” Nadine screamed.

“What is all the commotion?” Takashi questioned coming through the house toward his arguing wife and child.

“I found our daughter in bed with her,” Nadine yelled pointing to Kaya who was still on the ground in front of the shrine.

Kaze broke through her mother trying to block the doorway and ran to Kaya. They clung to each other and kissed in front of Kaze’s parents. She did not care anymore. All she could think about was being near Kaya.

“You may be my daughter but you will not bring shame to this family,” Takashi yelled roughly grabbing his daughter by the arm and pulling her away from Kaya.

“Kaya,” was all she said as her father drug her back into the shrine and slammed the door.

“Kaze,” Kaya screamed causing the cawing birds to cease and fly into the sky.

The door to the shrine opened and Kaya’s bag came flying toward her. “Get the hell off of my shrine.” Takashi demanded and shut the door again leaving Kaya in the front of the shrine as dawn broke into morning.

  • * * *

“Father please,” Nadine spoke into the phone.

“You ran away from me years ago,” Marvin Honeycutt told her. “I said if you left this house I would not see you again.”

“I am not asking to come home,” Nadine replied. “I am asking if you will take Kaze.”

“Why do I want to take in your child who I don’t even know?” Marvin asked.

“She is your granddaughter,” Nadine insisted.

“She is your daughter and has done something so bad that you and your Jap husband do not even want her,” Marvin countered.

“I can’t control her.” Nadine sighed.

“Why do you think I can do any better if you two can’t control her?” Marvin yelled. “You have always been just like your mother.”

“Don’t you dare bring mom into this,” Nadine yelled over the phone. “She did not leave you for another man as you always told me growing up. She left you because all you cared about was working for the damn CIA after the war. You were so wrapped up in your work and your secrets that you never showed any of us any affection.”

“Don’t you talk to me in that tone of voice,” Marvin huffed. “You never knew what went on between your mother and I.”

“Yes I do,” Nadine told him. “Mother died loving you. She got to meet her granddaughter and spent her last few years here. Takashi’s family allowed her to be buried in their family cemetery near the shrine. You always hated Takashi because he was Japanese but he did not wound you on Iwo Jima.”

“Clarice,” Marvin whispered. “I think I know a place that might,” he finally said after a long pause. “At least I know what happened to you after all this time.”

  • * * *

Kaya never saw Kaze at school again. The homeroom teacher just announced that Kaze had moved and changed schools. When Kaya went to the shrine the after school Yamashita Takashi said that he did not have a daughter and demanded she leaves the shrine grounds.

“Child,” Yamashita Yoko said softly. “I do not approve of your relationship with my granddaughter but I do believe everyone should know love at least once in their lives. My son has shipped her off to America but to where I know not.”

“Thank you Yamashita-san,” Kaya bowed to the plump older woman before her who had her silver hair tied in a bun on top of her head.

“I found two sets of these in her room,” Yoko told the girl. “I think she would want you to have this.” She took a package out from her sleeve and handed it to Kaze.

“Thank you again,” Kaya bowed and left the shrine.

Yoko watched the young girl go as Karesu and Kuroi cawed from the perch on top of the shrine roof. “Koji watch over Kaze,” Yoko whispered into the sky.

  • * * *

“I am Yamashita Roxanne Kaze,” she introduced herself to the man before her with a slight bow.
“I am Marvin Stephenson,” he replied holding his hand out to her.

Kaze stood in front of Marvin Stephenson. “Please take good care of me,” she bowed.

“It is not that I don’t want you,” he told his the young girl before him. “I don’t know you. Also as you can see I no longer live in my own place so there is no way I could take care of you. I have the means to send you to a good school.”

“I understand,” Kaze replied aloud. “Great,” she thought, “he does not even know me and does not want me. I guess here in America blood does not mean anything.” Kaze took a breath before speaking again. “I am sorry to be a burden upon our first meeting.”

“You may stay with me tonight,” Marvin smiled trying to comfort the young girl in front of him but knew he was failing. “I have a couch you can sleep on and then in the morning I will get you set up with a boarding house where you can stay until the new school year starts.”

“Thank you Stephenson-san,” Kaze bowed following the old man up the stairs into the one room space he lived in at the assisted living home.

“Please,” Marvin sat down on his bed as he motioned her for to sit on the couch, “call me Marvin. Your mother told me that you knew Clarice.”

Kaze smiled at the memory. “Clarice was an amazing lady. Even though I was very young I could tell she had a lot of love to give and hid a lot of pain.” Kaze bowed her head. “It showed in her eyes even though she tried to hide it,” Kaze lowered her voice.

“Clarice was an amazing woman,” Marvin agreed.

“How did you know my Obasan?” Kaze asked. “Sorry my grandmother,” she added.

“Clarice, your grandmother,” Marvin paused as his voice tried to crack, “was my wife.”

Kaze looked at the man on the bed. “You are Okasa’s father?” The man nodded. “She told me that she did not have a father so I always thought you were dead but then after I met Obasan I got the impression you were still alive but knew never to ask about you.” Kaze watched him as he talked and thought, “more like a vision but I will not tell you that.”

“Sadly I am not surprised Nadine would tell you that,” Marvin began. “Your mother and I had a big fight after she met your father. We argue and she left.” Marvin stopped and looked at Kaze. “How old are you?”

“I am fourteen,” Kaze answered.

“I have not seen your mother in over 25 years,” Marin told his granddaughter still trying to grasp the fact that he had a granddaughter after all this time. “You see, Clarice and I had your mother late in our marriage which is why there is so many years between yourself and I.” Marvin smiled and laughed. “I know I must seem very old to you. My body maybe old but my mind is still sharp as a tack.”

“Age is a sign of wisdom,” Kaze informed him. “I was brought up to respect my elders and that there was much to be learned from the older generation.”

Marvin laughed. “Sounds like whatever they teach you over there the kids here in America really could learn. No one seems to respect their elders here. We are just seen as past our prime and are of no use so people like me get put in homes like this.”

“In Japan our elders live with us in our home until it is time for them to go meet our ancestors. Our past and our ancestors are one of the most important things in our lives. Everyday I wake up before the sun to began my chores before school but before that I got to our family shrine to give thanks and ask for Koji Ojiisan, Clarice Obasan and the others that came before me to watch over me.” Kaze stopped talking when she noticed Marvin had tensed up.

Marvin sighed again. “I am sorry I don’t know what to do. I know I shouldn’t hate you and I don’t. Really,” he tried to assure Kaze. “It is just I was in the second Great War. I was stationed in Japan. The Japanese took many of my friends and comrades from me.”

“I never knew Koji Ojiisan,” Kaze told the man she had recently learned was her maternal grandfather. “He was also in the second Great War. He was killed by the Americans on Iwo Jima near the end of the 35 day battle. Father did not know his father. Yoko Obasan found out she was pregnant after she got the news of her husband’s death.”

“Enough talk,” Marvin said. “Let’s get to bed. It is late. You may change in there,” he told her pointing to the bathroom, “While I change out here.”

When Kaze come from the bathroom Marvin had put a blanket and pillow on the small couch for her and pulled back his own covers to his bed.

“Thank you Marvin-san,” Kaze told the old man as she lay on the couch and pulled the blanket around her.

“Goodnight Roxanne,” Marvin said turning out the lights.

“Goodnight Marvin-san,” Kaze replied with a pause. “Please call me Kaze.”

Marvin nodded in the dark. “I hope one day we will know each other well enough for you to call me grandfather if I earned it. Also maybe one day I can see your mother again.”

Kaze drifted to sleep as she thought about what the old man had said.

  • Karesu means crow
  • Kuroi means black
  • Koji means light/shining second child
  • Takashi is older than Nadine
Kaze and Melody Meet

Kaze: Roxanne grabs her bag and walks out to follow the others down the hall towards their new rooms

Melody: sigh, Melody quickly throws her gear back into her duffle so that she could catch up with the rest of the group
Melody: I quickly go down the hall way to see the group Jmoving down the hall. The asian looking girl, Roxanne, was still in the back.

Kaze: Roxanne walks along trying to blend in and stay behind while keeping an eye on the girl, Cari, whom she senses is not human

Melody: As I get closer to the group, I try several times to get close enough to Roxanne to casually say “hi”…I was dying to know exactly how she did that Paralysis spell
She seems a bit preoccuppied and doesn’t seem to notice me
I really want to say something before we get to our real rooms

Kaze: Roxanne stops and turns around
Is there a reason you are lurking behind me?

Melody: (oh poop)
ummm… I didnt’ mean too
..but I saw the magic that you did
How did you focus your spell like that?
I"ve never seen a paralysis spell done like that before?

Kaze: It was not magic.

Melody: what do u mean

Kaze: Well it was not magic in the way you westerns see magic.
It is a ward.
A ward to get rid of demons.

Melody: really? I’ve never seen a ward like that?

Kaze: Or rather hold them in place.

Melody: Demon?
but you put it on that girl Cari?
she cant be a demon
A little wild maybe but certainly not a demon
…I mean she can’t right

Kaze: Demons are real but nevermind you wouldn’t understand. Not your culture.
Sorry for sounding so gruchy just uggh.

Melody: what do you mean I wouldn’t understand?!?!

Kaze: Nothing.
So you want any help with that or not? Roxanne points to her bag

Melody: I know demons are real but I’m not going to jump to that conclusion so quickly just because she’s a bit “wild”
Well, I certainly think that we would have a lot to learn from each other

Kaze: Later. Maybe.
We better hurry or we will loose the others

Melody: yeah I guess so

Kaze: Starts to walk away

Melody: scoots to catch up to walk beside Roxanne
soo… how did you end up here at St. Perpetua?

Kaze: Long story.
Short version my parents sent me to live with my grandparents who didn’t want me either.

Melody: Well, it’s a long semester

Kaze: You are a strange girl

Melody: well, that’s what I’ve been told…except my Aunt
She loves me for me…. sigh

Kaze: Roxanne gives a slight smile before quickly returning to a stern face
So why are you here?

Melody: Well, if you can believe it, this is where both my mom & my dad’s sister went to school
Mom really wanted me to come here

Kaze: So you are a rich kid

Melody: So did Aunt Gen but that’s another story
no… not really

Kaze: This school is not exactly cheap to get into
from what I hear

Melody: My parents died a few years ago and they had saved up the money for me attend before they died

Kaze: oh sorry

Melody: they really wanted me to come
I’m still not sure why.. but Gen says that I can learn a lot in a school like this
It has a rich library

Kaze: Roxanne bows as she says sorry

Melody: It’s okay.. I live …well, did live with my Aunt Gen in SC
She’s great.. We’re really close.. especially the last few years.
Before my parents died I visited her every summer
She was very close with Dad & Mom

Kaze: That is good you have someone who loves you

Melody: Yeah… Im going to miss her alot.. She won’t have much help in the shop while I’m in school
Great Aunt Angie is getting to old to help her much now

Kaze: Roxanne shifts and keeps watching Cari as they walk

Melody: shakes head Sorry I don’t mean to go on about myself
where are you from?

Kaze: Nihon

Melody: ?confused expression

Kaze: gomen Roxanne slightly bows
I am from Japan
So who you rooming with

Melody: oh, I guess that makes sense
I don’t know…
I don’t think this is how they usually do the room assignments

Kaze: What do you mean?

Melody: * I glance up to the front of the group where susie is still intimidating Miranda*
I don’t remember Gen telling me about a “hazing” day
I thought they would assign us rooms
do you think we can pick

Kaze: Miranda reminds me of girls back at my old school
I don’t like her
I figured they would assign us a roommate
I thought that is how it was done

Melody: giggle
well, Susie seems to be changign the rules some

Kaze: what Roxanne looks at Melody kinda annoyed

Melody: well, maybe we can be roommates! It would be fun!
we can learn different magics from each other
and we kinda know each other alittle

Kaze: What I do is not easy to learn.
It takes years of training form a young age.

Melody: Well, Gen says I’m a good study and I’ve been studying everysumer with her since I was little

  • looks sad* Mom & Dad didn’t know that I could do magic

Kaze: Besides bubbly what are you
All this open talk of magic
People will look at you and start rumors you better keep it down

Melody: well, you openly blasted Cari
you might want to keep it down too..
but I’m not really worried

Kaze: Since when is it strange for a Shinto shrine madien to fend off demons.

Melody: Gen said she learned alot about magic while she was here
…..when there are no “shrine maidens” in america

Kaze: What is this place anyways?

Melody: ehy, I think we are finally getting to our rooms I think
this? it’s a school.. but Gen says they have some books stored in the library that have some good stuff in them
they’re only here because they’ve been here since the school opened and the school governors think their hsitorical relics

Kaze: Roxanne shifts again Just don’t like it here
strange vibrations
Miranda starts talking about room assignments

Melody: I wonder if we’ll get to be roomies? * Melody beams another smile at Roxanne*

Kaze: Roxanne notices her but is still watching Cari
Roxanne watches Cari go into a room and then turns to Melody
Say you don’t seem to thing it is strange what I did.
If there are no Shrine maidens in America as you say then shouldn’t you think it is weird what I did

Melody: no.. I told you I’ve been learning magic from my Aunt Gen since I was little
She’s a witch
It runs in the family, but not everyone.
Gen is but grandma Sylvia isn’t but her twin sister Angie is

Kaze: America is so different from Japan

Melody: They run a New Age shop in SC so that they can work with the few local witches

Kaze: You people even drive on the wrong side of the road
and everything is so far away from each other here

Melody: well, we could say the same thing of you
well I think this state is bigger than Japan
I love the country!
it’s so big and full of life

Kaze: You are strange but for some reason midly interesting

Melody: Well, thankyou… You aren’t so normal yourself..

Kaze: Roxanne’s mood shifts as she waits to see where the girl is going with this

Melody: hey do you like cats?

Kaze: they are oaky

Melody: We have a cat named Socrates back home

Kaze: There was a cat that used to hang around our Shrine but it kept chasing the crows away

Melody: well, cats do tend to want to chase the birds

Kaze: Roxanne notices they are the only ones left in the hall way

Melody: oh, where did they go?

Kaze: It’s not funny when the crows are the protetors of the shrine Roxanne started to get annoyed
Probably to their rooms
guess you and I are the only ones left

Melody: oh really crows are protectors in Japan?
oh, do you think we missed which room is ours?

Kaze: They have been of our shrine for many generations.
Roxanne points to the only open door in the hallway
Let’s try that one

Melody: I guess that’s us I guess.. * Melody heads straight to the door that’s open and goes right in
there’s no one in here!
I guess we can claim it

Kaze: Which bed do you want
Roxanne leaned against the door frame
playing with the red string tied around her belt loop

Melody: I don’t really care.. Which one do you want? I’ll just take the closet and dresser that’s next to the bed you don’t pick

Kaze: Then I’ll take the one by the window

Melody: okay! * Melody twirls farther into the room, her full skirt billowing around her*

  • she then plopped on to the other bed*
    hehehe ;that was fun

Kaze: Roxanne closes the door and just watches the other girl as she leans against the wall

Melody: I guess I’ll get unpacked then

Kaze: will it take as long as last time Roxanne said under her breath walking to her bed and putting her bag down before laying on the bed and looking out the window

Melody: * Melody pulle dher duffle onto the bed and began to haul out the stuff she had shoved back in so quickly*

  • Melody is in her own world as she pulls out her jeans and skirts and hung them in the closet*

Kaze: Roxanne take the red string off of her belt loop and holds it up to the window lightly stroking it lost in her own thoughts

Melody: * she placed incense on her dresser and pulled out a small jewelry box and set it next to it*

  • and from the bottom of her bag she pulled a medium sized lap top which she set up on the desk*

Kaze: hearing a small noise Roxanne jumps up from the bed quickly and in two steps is by the other girl’s dresser to catch the small box that fell before it hit the floor

Melody: ooops! thanks!

Kaze: Unpack more slowly or watch where you are putting your things
it didn’t hit the floor
it should be okay

Melody: * Melody quickly opens the top of the box and gracefully sat ont he floor as she inspected the crystals that were int he top of the box*

Kaze: Roxanne walks back to her bed. Ties the string back around her belt loop and watches the other girl as she keeps unpacking

Melody: I hope I didn’t jar the positive energy of the stones
Uh oh did you say something?

Kaze: your name is Melaine right

Melody: oh it’s Melody!

Kaze: Gomen

Melody: Melody Rose Harris
And it’s Roxanne right?

Kaze: So many people to keep straight then all the craziness
um yeah
but call me Kaze

Melody: what’s :Gomen"?
ok cool

Kaze: That is what the people close to me call me
you know
my friends

Melody: aww thanks!

Kaze: Gomen is Japanese for I’m sorry

Melody: you don’t act like you get close to many people

Kaze: I need to remember to speak English here
yeah being who I am its not easy to get close to people
the rumors get there first

Melody: oh don’t worry! I keep trying to keep the Carolina Twang out of my voice but it’s hard sometimes

Kaze: Everyone here has an accent to me

Melody: Melody sighes…yean I can understand…Gen & Angie understand magic but I didn’t along with peopel at school
they thought I was weird
especially because I take after my aunts

Kaze: I wonder if Usagi will be visiable tonight

Melody: hehe Usagi? It hink I know that but why would you want to find a bunny tonight?

Kaze: Sorry I did it again
Usagi means rabbit
There is a rabbit that lives in the moon and on the night of a full moon you can see her

Melody: really a rabbit?

Kaze: Yeah
If you look at a full moon you can see a side view of a rabbit with ears and a tail

Melody: well I’ve heard about the man and the moon and that the goddess holds power over the moon but never anything about a rabbit and the moon

Kaze: Kaze pulls out her laptop and starts to set it up
Man in the Moon?
Melody: yea the old man in the moon
and some people used to think the moon was made of cheese
giggle it’s silly I know

Kaze: There is an old Japanese legend about a princess of lived on the Moon and fell in love with a Prince on Earth

Melody: that’s cool

Kaze: I will show you the rabbit next time there is a full Moon
guess every culture sees something different in the Moon

Melody: Do you think I have time to take a shower before they call us to dinner?

Kaze: What time is it now?

Melody: 5pm

Kaze: Maybe I think they said dinner starts at 5pm or 5:30pm
Should last until 6:30pm or 7pm
if I remember correctly

Melody: well, I guess I"ve got time for a quick shower then. I feel real grimy

Kaze: you take one now and I will take one after dinner

Melody: * Melody promptly pulls off her school vest and shirt, then slid her skirt to the floor and grabbed a towel from her bag**
Okay well I shouldn’t be but a few minutes then

Kaze: Kaze quickly turns her head and buries it in her sketch book she pulled out of her bag

Melody: * Melody turned and walked past Kaze on her way to the bathroom*

  • a few minutes later the water came on in the shower and you could hear light singing that could just barely be made out through the noise of the water*

Kaze: Kaze sketchs a woman while Melody is in the shower lost in her thoughts and her art

Melody: * after a short while the water turns off and Melody comes out swathed in the thick green towel with her thick dark hair dripping*
Hey do you mind if I use and extra towel to dry my hair?

Kaze: um

Melody: I don’t want to use all the towels before can get a shower

Kaze: Kaze quickly digs in her bag

Melody: Oh hey are you drawing?

Kaze: trying not to look at the toweled girl in front of her
oh nothing

Melody: * Melody glides over to the bed and trys to peek at the book*

Kaze: quickly puts the sketchbook away

Melody: I can’t draw… I wish I could

  • Melody walks back to her side of the room and digs her hairbrush out her her bag and climbed onto her bed and sat cross legged as she started to brush the knots out of her hair*

Kaze: Kaze opens her sketch book again

Melody: Sometimes it’s not worth it to let my hair be this long now that it’s wet, Melody’s hair is hanging down to her waist
I know what you mean
but then I do like it long even if it can be a hassle
I like the color in your hair, Kaze.

Kaze: thanks
I have always liked purple
pissed my mom off when I did it
actually that did not piss her off
I think she stopped caring by that point

Melody: yeah, I can understand that… I really like greens and blues….giggle I guess I came to the right school * Melody spent a quiet moment drying and brushing her hair*

Kaze: Kaze flips the page and starts taking quick glances at Melody

Melody: So what are you drawing?

Kaze: Kaze blushes slightly
um right now

Melody: yeah

Kaze: um
you just looks really interesting there the way your hair was falling and the light
Kaze quickly closes the sketch book and looks away

Melody: * Melody finished brushing her hair and grabbed a pair of lace panties out of her bag and slid them on under the towel* that’s cool
I can understand taking inspiration from everyday things in life

Kaze: so you are not mad
that I was drawing you um pracically with no clothes
cause all you had was a towel on

Melody: Gen is like that with her magic..sigh she is always taking ideas everywhere
hmm? oh I’m not that shy
too many pagan celebrations include nudity for me to really worry

Kaze: Kaze fell of the bed

Melody: * Melody stood up letting the towel fall away,her long dark hair covering her breasts and outlining her very curvy body*
hey are you okay?

Kaze: Gotta move the bed closer to the wall
thought it was closer
trying to lean back

Melody: huh what do you mean?
I know I can be a klutz too

Kaze: Kaze’s face was red from embrassment of falling off the bed and trying not to look at her pretty much nude roommate standing over her
um could you put some clothes on
I mean
I don’t think you can go to dinner like that

Melody: oh I’m I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you!
I forget most people are used to more modesty

  • Melody quickly turned to go back to her dressing. she turned so quickly that her hair spun out around her and briefly exposed herself even more in her rush to get dressed to preserve her roommate and her modesty*

Kaze: how about we make a rule that we have to come out of the bathroom with at least a bra and panties on

Melody: * she slid on a plaid school skirt that came to her knees, a lacy bra matching her panties and a flowing white top*
okay sure I’ll try to remember

Kaze: So what do you think they will have for dinner
I would really love so miso soup and sushi but I guess they would have that here in America

Melody: * Melody dug into the bottom of her jewelry box and pulled out a very celtic looking choker that had a dark triple moon design on it.
yeah I actually like sushi but I doubt they would have it here.

Kaze: Interesting
you like sushi

Melody: Maybe if we can get some off campus time we can se if there is a place nearby
yea sure why not?

Kaze: Didn’t know American’s ate sushi

Melody: Aunt Angie got me to try it when I was little and I’ve liked it ever since
Sure we’s probably not quite the same but I like it
I don’t think I could eat some of the more exotic ones though

Kaze: That shirt looks good on you
you should try some tako

Melody: oh thanks! I feel weird wearing such a short skirt but I don’t want to get in trouble by wearing my long skirts too often to class

Kaze: um
whats the word

Melody: Well, I’m not so sure about that yet.
I guess we should go ahead and head to dinner so that we’re not late

Kaze: okay sure
break for dinner

Kaze: Kaze unlocks the bedroom door walks in and starts putting up a poster

Melody: so Kaze do you care much about how I decorate my side of the room?

Kaze: No it is your side of the room
I doubt we can make the walls look worse
what is this wallpaper made out of burlap?

Melody: Well, I do like my incense burner and I have this weird habit of painting on the wall back home…Gen gave me some canvas to paint on so I don’t get in trouble for painting the walls

Kaze: cool
It is going to be werid not having the Fire around

Melody: starts to unpack a large canvas a container full of paints & brusshes
Fire what do you mean?
*Unpacks lava lamp & a grateful dead poster, & incense".

Kaze: Back home we had a room with a fire I used to sit at and mediate in

Melody: that’s cool, I like to sit outside a lot when I can. I like being with nature

Kaze: Kaze finished putting up her poster of a black side view silloette of a Japanese girl holding her right hand out and green images of a tree and animals
then she remembered she wanted her bed closer to the wall and pushed it flush up against the window so it was in the corner
yeah I know what you mean
pulled out another poster and began unrolling it
paused and pulled out a cd from her bag and popped it in her cd player turning it loud enough to hear but not too loud as to bother her roommater
So Melody
you like spending most of your time with nature

Melody: Yea I seem to have an affinity to nature you could say

Kaze: Kaze softly sings in Japanses along with her cd as she began to put up the second poster
that is cool
I can sense things from the fire

Melody: Yea I think mom and dad thought I was weird sometimes growing up

Kaze: That is not unusual for a miko though

Melody: Miko?

Kaze: sorry
that was my title
I was a shrine maiden

Melody: melody finishes putting up her poster & canvas and sits on her bed watching Kaze on pack
laughs well I’m no shrine maiden
….what does a shrine maiden do?

Kaze: turning back to the poster she was trying to hang she begans to sing softly
You could have said a word but you turned
away why do you always act in such a passive way
Now don’t you ever think that I would suck up to you
But I still believe in you
hisoyaka ni kurasu kyojintachi todokanai todokanai itsudemo
Modern miko are often seen at Shinto shrines, where they assist with shrine functions, perform ceremonial dances, offer omikuji fortune telling, and sell souvenirs.
Now a days most are probably a university student collecting a modest wage in this part-time position but my family is deep in tradition and it is away of life for me

Melody: why would you call me a miko though?

Kaze: Sorry I don’t remember calling you a miko
Kaze finished putting up her secon post when was a girl with dark hair dressed in red with the words Anna Tsuchiya written in white and Taste My Beat written in black below it
No that is okay I was talking about myself
I must have said the wrong English word
Kaze gave a slight bow towards Melody

Melody: that’s ok..
what do you think about our class mates?

Kaze: Suize seems highly unpredictable
I am not sure but there is something about that Kari girl I don’t like
the rest seem okay

Melody: yeah she doesn’t really seem the violent type to me

Kaze: You are really the only one I have talked to

Melody: suzie
i mean not kari

Kaze: Kaze points to Melody’s poster
Who is that
Yeah Suzie did not seem violent but I believe no one is as they seem

Melody: that? oh it’s the grateful dead…my aunt got me into them…that reminds me I forgot to put my Tom petty poster up..* hops off bed and digs under the bed where she had shoved her suit case*
yeah I guess your right about that

Kaze: I don’t know much about American bands
I know a few but not thoes
Kaze’s cd changes to another song this one in English
same person as the other song

Melody: I’ll have to let you listen to them some time

Kaze: So besides them what else do you like to listen too

Melody: do you mind if I light some incense?

Kaze: sure go ahead

Melody: A little bit of this and that really
Melody pulls some incense sticks out of a drawer and lights it on top of her dresser
She then pulls off her shirt and throws on a long tank top and jeans shorts that are covered in paint splotches

Kaze: Well the poster definately looks…um… colorful

Melody: * yea it’s from the Great Wide Open Tom Petty album. It has some pretty cool songs.

Kaze: cool

Melody: * pulls out some paint brushes and swirls them thru the smoke put off by the incense and proceeds to plop a brush into paint start make random swirls and marks on the canvas stretched on the wall

Kaze: Kaze picks up a picture frame and stops talking in mid sentances and just sits down on her bed

Melody: So who is it that you’ve been listening too? Is it the chick ont he poster you put up? * continues to paint…her back is to Kaze*

Kaze: Kaze still staring at the pictures doesn’t really hear Melody talking to her

Melody: after no answer Kaze? * turns around..she has a yellow paint splotch on her forhead*

Kaze: uh
what did you say
still not really looking at Melody

Melody: who’s int he picture
walks over to the bed

Kaze: oh just a friend I left back in Japan
looks at Melody

Melody: you seem sad

Kaze: you um have paint on your forehead Kaze grabs a tissue and starts dabbing at Melody’s forehead
oh sorry
we were um good friends and I just hated to have to leave

Melody: oh it happens all the time don’t worry

Kaze: I am sorry

Melody: oh can I see the picture

Kaze: you were saying something before
um sure Kaze hands her the picture
two girls smiling at the camera with their arms draped over each others shoulder in Japanese school uniforms

Melody: --what is Kaze feeling right now? Melody is very empathic———

Kaze: —she is sad missing her friend—-

Melody: well, I’m sure that you can call her or talk through email…I’m sure she understands
you having to leave..You’ll see her again

Kaze: maybe
Kaze leans over and changes the song on her cd
shoves the picture in a draw

Melody: * Melody sits down on Kaze’s bed with her feet underneath her*
hey, why don’t you keep that out?

Kaze: Kaze glances over at Melody’s side of the room Should you have put something over your desk to cover it from the paint
I don’t even remember packing it
maybe I will eventually put it out
right now its…..
Kaze just shook her head
I am not normally like this

Melody: melody cocks her head lookig at Kaze in confusion

Kaze: I mean so comfortable talking with people
normally they think I am strange and stay away from me

Melody: I seem to have that affect with people…

Kaze: Kaze swtitches cds but seems to be the same signer
You are a strange girl but you are cool too
I mean strange in a good way
a cute kinda strange

Melody: * Melody shrugs* so is that the only person you listen too?

Kaze: no
just kinda in the mood to listen to Rei Fu right now

Melody: ok

Kaze: Its mellow and after what happened earlier today mellow is good

Melody: yea

Kaze: Rei Fu was influenced by some American artist

Melody: mellow is good…that’s why I like my incense and painting…I usually like to put on Phish when I paint

Kaze: Fish?
Rei Fu said she was influenced by Sheryl Crow , Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and The Carpenters

Melody: oh it’s spelled P-H-I-S-H
they are kinda fun to listen to and have some interesting tunes
Sheryl Crow is ok

Kaze: I also like Anna Tsuchiya, Sheryl Crown, Michael Jackson, Tatu, AferDark, and RSP

Melody: * gets up and takes of paint splattered clothes and carefully lays them across the desk chair and then walks over to her dresser and starts rummaging*

Kaze: —are you naked again
That poster pointing to the black and green siloette poster is Rei Fu
and that one pointin to the girl in the red dress on the other wall over her dresser is Anna Tsuchiya

Melody: —no but in panties and bra-

Kaze: still looking at the wall I will have to get use to us changing in front of each other I guess huh

Melody: grr I can’t find my jammies… I can’t believe I forgot to pack my favorite jammies!!
I bet Angelica put them in the wash!!
continues to rummage in dresser
uh oh yea I guess… did you not have like gym class or something at your old school…didn’t you have to change in front of girls before

Kaze: yeah I guess
its just I mean you don’t think it is werid changing in front of a girl cause we are the only two in the room
In gym class it was like we all changed and ran out but here we are just here

Melody:…no why would it be weird?

Kaze: um
no reason
never mind

Melody: continues to rummage

Kaze: Whats that hanging out of your bag you shoved under your bed
its still sticking out a little
guess I will change too
Kaze goes to her dresser and pulls out a t-shirt and grey pants

Melody: oh well I guess I can where these until I can get Gen to send them to me* proceeds to drop panties and bra and throw a lacy baby doll style night on over her head*
I still can’t believe Aunt Gen gave me this

Kaze: wow um that is um

Melody: Oh you were saying something?

Kaze: fancy
slightly blushes

Melody: sorry I was distracted

Kaze: I was saying the bag you stuffed under your bed is hanging out some

Melody: oh yea It’s not really my thing but it’s all I have at the moment

Kaze: you moved to this school and only brought on change of night clothes with you
That incense smells really good
kinda reminds me of the smell of the wood burning at the shrine in the scared fire

Melody: blushes slightly oh yeah I don’t always wear pajamas…it drove dad crazy..he’s the one that bought me those jammies
I guess he thought I was getting too old to run around naked

Kaze: Kaze just kinda looks at Melody
um yeah
that would make sense

Melody: they’re simple cotton night set but they are comfy and I can wear them around the house…and it makes me thing of dad

Kaze: you miss them alot

Melody: * looks a bit distracted and has a faraway look in her eyes*

Kaze: sounds like you got along with them well

Melody: yeah…I was close to them but especiall to Dad…Aunt Gen is his twin sister

Kaze: I miss my parents sometimes too
sorry I didn’t mean to bring them up

Melody: but he didn’t really knwo about the magic I can do…my parents & Gen were really close during school but I seem to favor Gen most
that’s ok

  • shakes her head as if to clear the fog*
    sorry there I go again

Kaze: Can’t I say something without making you mad

Melody: uhh sure I guess
picks up hair brush and sits on bed to brush hair

Kaze: At least they didn’t hate you so much they kicked you out of the house

Melody: what?!?!?

  • continues to brush her long dark hair…it falls almost to her waist as she parts it and starts brushing*

Kaze: me, parents, fight, kicked out
here I am

Melody: wow that sucks

Kaze: tell me about it
we were good until about a month or so ago…….

Melody: what happened?

Kaze: but then mom’s dad didn’t want me either so I ended up coming to St Perpetua’s
we got into a fight
they won

Melody: if you dont mind me asking..what did you fight about?

Kaze: said I was a disgrace to the family

Melody: —current emotional state of Kaze

Kaze: —kinda angry, sad, agitated
Kaze: they didn’t like who I was hanging out with
Kaze: can we talk about something else

Melody: i guess parents can be like that…..
Melody: sure
Melody: you asked me something earlier and I kept getting distracted

Kaze: Kaze has seemed kinda distant since she found that picture of her and her friend like she is trying to shut herself off
don’t remember
Kaze starts folder back her sheets and gets in bed
props herself up with pillows and pulls out a journal

Melody: * melody reaches under her bed and pulls out a bag and pulls out a quilt…*
Angelica made this for me when I was a baby
she said she prayed to the goddes with every stitch
to keep me safe
and to protect me from harm
and to nurture me in this life

  • she proceeds to spread it on Kaze’s bed*
    and pulls it upabout halfway on to the bed
    I think you might need this more than I do right now

Kaze: I can’t take this

Melody: *tucks the edges on the light quilt *

Kaze: tried to push it back to her

Melody: you can use it anytime you want
pushes Kaze back down on the bed
trust me…

Kaze: Kaze blushes um okay

Melody: It’s very restful to sleep with
just think of it as a loan

Kaze: but I am giving it back to you in the morning

Melody: use it whenever you want

Kaze: here um

Melody: we’re friends now

Kaze: kaze gets up and rumages in a draw

Melody: we need to take care of each other

Kaze: take this hands Melody a piece of paper that looks like a bookmark with symbols written on it

Melody: what’s this?

Kaze: it is an ofuda

Melody: blink blink confused look

Kaze: a protection ward against unwanted spirts

Melody: oh cool… yawn

Kaze: ofudas can have different purposes

Melody: I’m getting tired

Kaze: yeah
its been a long day
It is believed to protect the family in residence from general harms such as disease. A more specific ofuda may be placed near particular objects such as one for kitchen to protect from accidental fire.

Kaze: proceeds to stretch her arms over head backwards and as she does her night lifts enough to hint that she’s not wearing any underwear
Ofudas are made by inscribing the name of a kami, the name of Shinto shrine, or a representative of kami on a strip of paper, wood, cloth, or metal.
Kaze quickly looks away and buries her head in her book

Melody: oh wow that makes me think of the dream catchers that Angelica was teaching me to make that will actually protect dreams as well as other spells that will affect a small area

Kaze: Dream catchers?

Melody: I should see if I can try to make one for our dorm room maybe to keep out those annoying senior girls
laughs i keep forgetting you don’t know some things
runs over to her laptop on her desk and quickly turns it on and pulls up a picture of a dream catcher
native american indians were the ones that started making them but some witches have started using them to imbue spells other than for dream protection

Kaze: Americans use to believe and practice magick? It is sad that you, well not you, but most Americans have gotten away from the Kami.

Melody: they were originally for hanging above the bed to trap spirits that could invade your dreams
Melody: yea

Kaze: There is wisdom in the old one and the old ways
um Melody

Melody: * walks over to her bed again and pulls out a well worn stuffed dog*

Kaze: sorry I got mad before when you asked about my parents

Melody: looks up

Kaze: I was not mad at you just them
thinking of things

Melody: that’s ok…I guess I can understand that it’s a touchy subject

Kaze: so
I guess the one good they about them kicking me out is I also got away from some of the people I went to school with

Melody: i guess you didn’t get along with them either?

Kaze: people like Miranda
they told my parents about me and……
Kaze quickly stopped talking
I know you are tired

Melody: slips into her bed with the stuffed animal and proceeded to to snuggle into bed with it

Kaze: sorry don’t mean to keep talking
I will let you go to bed

Melody: what’s wrong what did they tell your parents…I’m okay I just wanted to get comfy

Kaze: what are you hugging
Kaze closes her journal and puts it along with the pen in her desk draw beside her bed

Melody: uh oh it’s Snuffles* blushes*

Kaze: There were some girls from my old school that told my parents about who I was hanging out with

Melody: I’ve had him a long time.. My Dad gave him to me the first time I went away to spend the summer with Aunt Gen…I"ve always slept with him…please don’t tell the others
what was so wrong about who you were hanging out with? Were they like a gang or something?
I heard there are a lot of gangs in Japan

Kaze: or something

Melody: cocks head in confusion

Kaze: As far as I know Yoko was not in with the Yakuza

Melody: Yoko?

Kaze: I guess it seems like we have a lot of gangs because Japan was closed to outsiders for so long and we were still ruled by Shoguns for a long time. The Yakuza crime bosses probably stem from that. Believe me you don’t want to get the Yakuza mad at you.
Yoko was the other girl in the picture.

Melody: oh ur parents didn’t like her?
she seemed nice

Kaze: There was a rumor at school about Kenji who apparently got in over his head with the Yakuza and was never seen again his parents moved away shortly after he disappeared although I never knew him
Yeah she was.
Kaze genuniely smiles

Melody: so why didn’t they like you being friends?

Kaze: and her eyes seem to sparkle
My parents said that what she was doing was wrong
wasn’t a whole lot of talk before the whole kicking me out of the shrine

Melody: what was she doing?

Kaze: Kaze shifts uncomfortably in the bed

Melody: wow they kicked you out of the shrine?

Kaze: well the shrine was our home

Melody: oh

Kaze: well it still is my parents home
just not mine

Melody: so..why did they not like Yoko * speaking gently*

Kaze: my grandfather on my dad’s side sent me all my stuff if it was up to my parents I probably would just have the clothes I was able to shove in my bag points to her black and tan bag thrown over her desk chair
its complicated
they didn’t approve of her choices she had made
Kaze shifts again

Melody: what were those?
come on what was so can tell me
i can keep a secret…I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want

Kaze: You seem nice and all
I don’t wanna talk about it

Melody: * melody seems geniunly worried about her new friend*
ok I won’t push the issue but I’ll be here if you want to talk
smiles well, sweet dreams I guess….

Kaze: thanks

Melody: proceeds to curl up and snuggle snuffles

Kaze: Melody

Melody: hmmmm? yawn

Kaze: I hope we can still be friends

Melody: uh well sure…of course

Kaze: Kaze reaches up to turn off her light beside her bed but genlty strokes the red ribbon tide to the lamp first
Goodnight Melody

Melody: good night Kaze

Kaze: oh were did you put the ofuda?

Melody: oh I set it on the dresser when I blew out the incense

Kaze: okay
I may put one of two on the wall tomorrow
may I put one on your side of the room
keep that one that I gave you in your bag
for now

Melody: sure

Kaze: later I will make you a smaller protection charm

Melody: k yawn

Kaze: Kaze turns out the light and draws the blanket Melody gave her up around her chin
Night and thanks again for the blanket
for letting me borrow the blanket

Melody: wwelcome * mumbles*


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