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  • House Rules

    h4. *Drama Points* * *Attacking:* If a Drama Point is used to add damage to an attack that fails then the point is not spent. * *Conversion to Experience:* Once all experience has been spent, Drama points may be converted to experience with a 2:1 ratio …

  • Enchanted or Super Science Item Creation

    The following information may be of use to characters interested in creating their enchanted or super science items or players wanted to start with an enchanted or super science item or items. Excerpts from The Magic Box Page 29 ENCHANTED OR SUPER …

  • Base Modifiers Table

    Easy: +5 Moderate: +3 to +4 Average: +1 to +2 Challenging: No Modifier Difficult: -1 to -2 Very Difficult: -3 to -5 Heroic: -6 to -9 Shaah, Right: -10 or worse

  • Combat Roll Modifiers

    Full Defense: +3 to all defense actions; no attack actions Full Offense: +2 to all attack actions; no defense actions Knocked Down: -4 to all attack actions; no defense actions Multiple Actions: -2 per action, cumulative; extra actions limited by …