Adventure Log Template

Please create Adventure Log posts using these format guidelines.

Title: Date of Game Session/Episode and designation Boys Game or Girls Game. Example: 01/01/2011 Boys Game OR 01/01/2011 Girls Game

Wiki Page: Leave this blank so it will default to Title.

Tagline: Name of the Session/Episode

Body: The first two lines in the body of the adventure log post should be the players in attendance on the first line and the player characters and any notable non player characters that were involved on the second line. See example below. If possible character names should link to the character page on the Obsidian Portal campaign web site. The description of the session/episode would be next. A list of quotable quotes, if any, would make up the end of the entry.

Players: Name 01, Name 02, Name 03
Characters: Character 01, Character 02, Character 03 (NPC), Character 04 (NPC)

Long or brief description of session/episode.

Quotable Quotes:
quote – author

Adventure Log Template

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