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Quotable Quotes – Quotes of Note from the games.

Junior Watchers’ Page

Timeline of our World’s Slayers (Work in Progress)

Organized Character Lists
Player Characters
Player Characters’ Personal Contacts NPC List
The Boys of Bicford Prep & The Staff of Bicford Prep NPC Lists
The Girls of St Perpetua’s & The Staff of St Perpetua’s NPC Lists

Location Information
Bicford Prep – The Boy’s School
St Perpetua’s – The Girls School that the female PC characters attend
Simsbury – information about the city the schools are near.
Other Notable Locations – A few of the notable locations near and around the schools.
Neverland of Mythos – One of the many lands of Mythos.

Rules and Regulations
House Rules – Rules specific to the campaign.
Enchanted or Super Science Item Creation – Notes that players may find useful for those useful items that make life just a little easier.
Adventure Log Template – Please create Adventure Log posts using these format guidelines.

Useful Stuff
Links – Links to web sites used or suggested by game participants.

Experience Points
Girls’ Experience Awards – Experience Points by game date
Boys’ Experience Awards – Experience Points by game date

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