Player Characters' Personal Contacts

Melody’s Personal Contacts
Great AuntAngelica Harris (ally) grandmother’s twin
Aunt Geneva Harris (ally) father’s twin sister

Mia’s Personal Contacts
Sleazy Chuck (ally) local low-life
Uncle Tony Bugatti (ally) head of a New York crime family

Roxannne’s Personal Contacts
American Grandfather (ally) chat buddy
Father (enemy)
Yoko (neutral) ex-girlfriend from old school

Suzie’s Personal Contacts
BicBoy236 Evan Preeble (ally) chat buddy
Clarissa Valentine (neutral) cousin
Joe Sterling (ally) Salem private detective
Lynda Spotted Deer (ally) Salem medicine woman
Naomi Wagner (neutral) curator at History Society Museum
Rebecca Valentine (neutral) mother

Tracy’s Personal Contacts
George Galt (ally) personal driver

Zoe’s Personal Contacts
Aunt Victoria “Vickie” “Tory” (ally)
Carol (enemy) Felicity’s mother and friend of Evelyn
Ethan (neutral) ex-boyfriend
Evelyn (enemy) mother
Richard (neutral) father

Player Characters' Personal Contacts

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