Quotable Quotes

Noteworthy quotes from the games.

Please add amusing, funny or otherwise notable quotes from game sessions to this page.

“Seth made the potion. Bryce is the evil behind the potion.” – Anika to her brother Alex after “Potion Commotion” adventure

“I have a stake in this.” – Jesse’s finding of wooden palettes before attacking a vamp clown during “Stinky Pete takes out the Euro-trash!”

“It’s nit easy being green.” Alexis & Melody about Anika’s skin condition.

“Fuck it, I’m going to transfer to Sunnydale High!” – Bryce during “To the Looking Glass”

“It’s in the book! And apparently it’s an extra $50.00!” – Aiden when asked how he knew about why they tied up Bryce butt down.

“sometimes you got to smack the universe around!” – Jessie Flynn

Quotable Quotes

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