Timeline of Slayers

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In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Polish Slayer

Location: Northern Poland.
Slayer Time: April 1970 – December 1970.

This Slayer was called following the death of Beryl McKenzie. Not much is known about this Slayer, only that she died around the time of the riots and protests that occurred in Poland in December 1970.

Nikki Wood

Played by: April Weeden-Washington & K.D. Aubert.
Location: Harlem, New York City, New York.
Watcher: Bernard Crowley // (Bryce Lawrence’s Father)
Birth: 1955.
Death: July 1977.
Slayer Time: December 1970 – July 1977.

Nikki Wood is a New York-based Slayer in the 1970s. Nikki’s boyfriend, an N.Y.P.D. policeman named Li, is killed. Nikki is pregnant during her Cruciamentum in 1973. Slayers are not intended to have children, so it is kept secret between Nikki and her Watcher. She has a little boy named Robin (who later plays a role in the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Nikki meets her match when she fights the vampire named Spike and is killed on the N.Y.C. subway. Nikki’s neck is snapped and he takes her black leather coat. Robin Wood is raised by Bernard Crowley in Beverly Hills, California.

Peri Bohr

Location: Keller, Nebraska.
Watcher: Oliver Lawrence.
Birth: 1965.
Slayer Time: Active in 1983.

Peri Bohr has her Cruciamentum in a local mall against a friend of hers named Julie Lemmer, who had only just been turned into a vampire and was feeling very confused about the whole thing. Julie’s sire starves her and locks her in a mall. Unfortunately, Julie has unplanned-for advantages on the Slayer.

Dr. Primrose’s Slayer

Watcher: Dr. Primrose.
Slayer Time: Active in the mid to late 20th century.

Hungarian Slayer

Location: Budapest, Hungary.
Watcher: Merrick.
Slayer Time: Active in the mid to late 20th century.

This Slayer is active during the mid to late 20th century and is one of five Slayers trained by Merrick. She is killed in a confrontation with Lothos, who rips out her heart.

Mexican Slayer

Location: Tijuana, Mexico.
Death: June 23, 1993.
Slayer Time: 1992 – June 23, 1993.

This Mexican Slayer is killed by a Congara demon which leads to India being chosen as the next Slayer. One of her broken bones is taken from Tijuana, Mexico and is used by the vampire Selke and Dr. Flitter to construct a clone of Buffy Summers.

India Cohen

Locations: North Carolina, Yokosuka, Tokyo, Japan, Italy, Spain & San Diego, California.
Watcher: Christopher “Kit” Bothwell.
Birth: 1978.
Death: Spring 1996.
Slayer Time: June 23, 1993 – spring 1996.

India was born in 1978 in North Carolina. Her father is an officer in the U.S. Navy and her mother is a popular actress in the Philippines. India is called as a Slayer in 1993 while living in Japan, where her father, a submarine commander, is stationed. Together with her Watcher, she travels all over Japan slaying vampires. India and Kit fall in love but have to keep it a secret from the Watchers’ Council. Kit buys India a dog, which she names Mariposa.

“Wanderer Mummies” attack and try to steal India’s soul. India fends them off, but they capture Kit and Mariposa. India, wearing yellow, fights a redheaded vampire, the Wanderer, beneath a street lamp at night in San Diego, California in the spring of 1996 and sacrifices her life to protect her family. When India dies surrounded by a stake and her blood on a tiled floor, Buffy is chosen as the next Slayer. The Wanderer then releases Kit and Mariposa. After India’s death, Kit realizes his true feelings for India and gets in contact with a woman called Cecille Lafitte, who is a voodoo priestess living inside another woman’s body and presents herself as a psychic who can help him get into contact with her. Cecille brainwashes him and makes him unknowingly a servant of the Gatherer. Kit comes into his final contact with India when India inhabits the body of Willow. India apologizes and throws herself off of a cliff to save Buffy and Faith; yet, somehow, killing her spirit leaves Willow completely intact.

Whistler and the Master make derogatory remarks about India’s appearance in comparison to Buffy’s.

Buffy Anne Summers

Played by: Kristy Swanson
Locations: Los Angeles & Sunnydale, California,
Watchers: Merrick
Birth: January 20th, 1981.
Death: May 1997, killed by the Master.
Slayer Time: May 1996 – My 1997

Buffy Anne Summers is a Slayer active in the late 20th. Born in 1981, she was activated as the Slayer in 1996 at the age of fifteen. Initially based in Los Angeles, she later moved to Sunnydale where she acted as guardian of the Hellmouth.

Kendra Young?

Played by: Bianca Lawson.
Locations: Jamaica & Sunnydale, California.
Watcher: Sam Zabuto.
Death: May 20, 2003
Slayer Time: May 1997 – May 2003.

Kendra Young is a Slayer from Jamaica who is activated in 1997 by Buffy Summers’ death. Trained by her Watcher, Sam Zabuto, Kendra is completely dedicated to her calling.

Kara Stein

Played by:
Locations: Raleigh, NC
Slayer Time: 2006 – Present

Timeline of Slayers

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