Anika Koshchei-Stephens

The new girl at school. She has a secret or two that even she does not know about...


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Casting: Natalie Portman

Daughter of diplomats formerly stationed in the Ukraine. Anika spent most of the previous years exploring the world with her twin brother Alexei Koshchei-Stephens. Recently, their parents decided that the twins would benefit from a more settled environment. St. P’s & Bicford were selected for their proximity to each other and on the advice of a family friend.

Anika has enjoyed playing sports around most of the countries visited by her parents. On the insistence of her parents and building on early training toward a gymnastics metal, she has turned her focus to self-defense and being able to use any weapon that falls within her hands. Some of her most recent instructors have insisted on telling old folk tales while insisting that she defend herself against fictitious enemies. Realizing that a diplomat’s daughter is often seen as a easy target for factions wanting to exert pressure upon the parents, Anika feels that the best way to help her parents is to make sure that she is no-one’s soft target.

The idea of being out from under the immediate purview of her parents seems like an adventure, but attending a new school without Alex has her nervous about finding a place to fit in at St. P’s.

She views the stories she’s heard about the supernatural as odd but interesting teaching tools that have been used to keep her training sessions from becoming too boring. Fighting invisible monsters are more fun than fighting invisible teenagers.

Anika Koshchei-Stephens

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